Thursday, October 21, 2010

3rd Block in Buttercream Summer Block of the Month is well on it's way!!

Oh...I just have to tell you about this block!!
The first ever sign-up for this quilt
was a sweet lady
at the Knoxville TN show.
Donna Snell.
She told me about losing her daughter...
after caring for her while she was sick.

When she saw my rough drawing...
and this sunflower....
she told me her daughter
LOVED sunflowers!
So I am dedicating this block
to her and her daughter.
It is stories like these
that give our quilts "Life"!

Thank you Donna for being brave enough
to sign up for a "Mystery" Quilt...
and trusting my design process!
Sending you Quilting Hugs across the wires.

You all check out her blog:
Sugar Spice and Southern Life

Here are a few close-ups.
Now this is a work in progress...
some of the sea coral flower points have to
be remade...
there is a lot more hand embroidery
to be added...
  And some of my blanket stitch...
has gotten shuffled around
in traveling.
I must fix it up.
I did have all the embroidery done
on the flowers.
I did it in the 'stem stitch'....
but because of the shuffling around in the car...
I had to rip it all out.
Tomorrow I will redo them in the 
back stitch.
I now understand why most designers
do these flowers in the back stitch
and not the stem stitch.
The stem stitch pulls
around the circular edges.

If you want to see more of the design process
of this block....

I still can't believe that I was able to
do the better part of this
embroidery work...
 in the car!!
Bumps and all!
Can you tell I am determined to get this
out to you gals by the first of November??

To   a'stitchin    I go....


P.S Stay tuned...I have lots to tell about
the PIQF Show!!


  1. I like the contrasting thread used for the buttonhole stitching. Looks nice with the colors of the fabrics.

  2. John'aLee,
    You are so kind! When you sent me a note with the last BOM I couldn't believe you remembered. This is precious to me! Amber would be so proud :) I never want Amber to be forgotten. She loved sunflowers! They are on her gravesite now. Of course they are in her bedroom too ... everything is just as she left it the night we took her to the hospital.
    I am working on my second block and I am anxious to receive this "special" block. I have always loved your work and seeing you at quilt shows. I have several of your kits and patterns and I adore the dresden flowers.

  3. What a lovely story behind the block...just a lovely block!

  4. Such a beautiful block, and a beautiful tribute to Amber.

  5. John'ALee, I love your new BOM! It is soooo cute, just as everything else you do is always adorable. Thanks for coming to see me--I'm so glad you have a blog now--we can share so much! Thanks for all your sweet comments, you have always been an inspiration to me.

  6. I have just come here from Donna's blog. What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady and her daughter. Sunflowers! Perfect!
    I really love your first block!
    Wonderful embroidery!

  7. Hi John'aLee, Your block is looking fabulous. There should be a story behind every quilt, whether it's in the fabric or the design - it brings them to life!
    Teresa x

  8. Hi John'aLee... What a lovely story about Donna's daughter... I went to her blog and now I am following it.... The story for the block touched my heart... It was very sweet of you to name the block after Amber... The block is very lovely... :)

  9. This quilt is going to be beautiful. You asked if we are meeting next week. It is quild so we will be in tropic. I hope to see you before you leave.

  10. This is the sweetest BOM ever - wish I could join you on it! Love that you dedicated this block to Donna and her daughter.
    I used to only use the stem stitch, then I discovered the back stitch - and now it's all I use!

  11. Donna is just the sweetest soul and I'm so glad you're honoring her precious Amber with this beautiful quilt block. What a talent you have and how gracious you are!