Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting ready for PIQF Show in Santa Clara

One of my favorite quilts at the Des Moine Show!

So we are home for about 12 hours...
Ken is unloading the car....
I'm loading pictures on to my laptop
for this blog post...
then its to the sewing room...
to finish the darling little pincushion 
I was working on by
Creativity Amongst Chaos.
Then the poor tired hubby is heading  out to make more kits
and cut down inventory.

We had a great show in Des Moine.
The highlight of the show was to meet
one of my fellow bloggers.
Amy ... a redeemed sheep...and me...a redeemed sheep!
It was the first time for me to meet
someone I have met through blogland.
I was thrilled!!
What a sweetie she is.
Check out her darling blog at:
A Quilting Sheep
It was her very first Quilting Show!

Oh my ladies....
the quilts were beyond words...
  Just look at the border on this one...
Loved this one...
I had to get a close up of it's border
to show you too....
The hours put into these works of art
is mind boggling...
I think this is the first quilt I've ever seen...
done with ships.
Look at the reverse applique on this one!
So stunning...
even though it was done in only
two colors.

This quilt surprised me.
Traditional patterns
done in modern bright colors.
Different but incredible.

I'm a sucker for flowers!!

And last but not least...
This isn't the best picture...
but I had to include it.
It was so striking.

Each morning I walked to the show..
over the river...
and back each evening.
The hotel in the background is where we stayed.
Oh I just would have loved to stay a few
more days...
to discover this town!
Ken was being sneaky...
snapping pictures of me
through the book shelf..
where I sat unawares at my demo table..
I so loved seeing all of you my
sweet customers once again.
Thanks for taking the time to look us up!
Our booth was in a different place than last year.
Several of you said, you were so afraid
we weren't there this year!
I'm going to talk to Kelly the vendor coordinator
to see if she will keep us in the same spot 
for next year!

I am so excited for tomorrow.
I pick up my little girl!
It's been a long 5 months...
since I've been able to give her a hug.
The whole gang is going out to breakfast 
at the Smokehouse in the morning
to celebrate her getting out.
Then ... time to load up...
and head out again.

Keep a'stitchin!!

Quilting Hugs....


  1. Those quilts are so wonderful - I especially love the black with the lattice and red flowers, thank you for including that. Enjoy your breakfast tomorrow, and give your girl a mighty hug!

  2. It sounds like you are having a great time! Thank you for sharing your pictures, so may beautiful quilts:)
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. Hope to see you again soon:))

  3. Thank you for showing those wonderful quilts. They are the best selection I've seen from a show - so detailed and neat. I do so admire people who make show quilts.
    It must be wonderful to meet a fellow blogger, someone with whom you know you have so much in common before you even meet!!
    Teresa x

  4. The first quilt blew me way when I saw it...It was a joy to meet you, John'aLee. Serious. Love up on your girl today...

  5. Hi John'aLee... Thanks for sharing the works of art... The quilts are truly amazing... I am as well a sucker for flowers... I do not know how you do it ... being on the road all the time, but, I am sure you meet wonderful people...Quilters are so sweet and friendly... I love the picture of the hotel... :)

  6. I am totally kicking myself for not ordering the hexagon templates from you on Saturday! Maybe I'll ask Santa for them. :)

    I am still dreaming of all the quilts from the show!