Monday, January 24, 2011

Ahhh....the desert sunshine...

My Original Whimsy Lane Pattern
 We made it to Yuma.
It's been awhile since we've done a guild show....
and I forgot how much fun they are.


The Guild Chairman Evelyn Mosley...
brought us an organic orange and tangerine
from the tree in her yard...

And then this darling 12 year old girl came up to me
and wanted to show me her first quilt
that she had made completely herself
adapted from my Whimsy Lane pattern...

When we have been off the road for a few months
it is always interesting....
the first set up of the year!

But somehow we managed to get the booth put together...

My Demo Table

My French Apron Pattern

The other side of my demo table...

And now for the beautiful quilts hanging in the show....
An incredible Cathedral Window Quilt

A quilt made from my Pinkilicious Pattern

This was the most awesome 'Signature' Quilt I have ever seen!
Signatures from all the piano students, friends and family for the recipient.
And 3 times a day
there was an Antique Bed Turning in the back room.

An Antique Bed Turning
incorporates a bed laden with quilts...
and as each one of them is held up, the story is told about the quilt...

Very unusual to find a 6 pointed Star

They are then folded over at the end of the bed...
to reveal the next quilt...

This quilt above had something I had never heard of before.
A Moustache Band!
They were used at the top of the quilt,
to protect the quilt from a man's moustache!

And at the end while the Guitar Man was breaking down,
my ex-husband's aunt, Claudia
picked me up to take me to dinner at 
a fabulous place called Julianna's

This wonderful lady made me a handmade Grandmother's Flower Garden...
King Size...
hand pieced, hand quilted....
when I married her nephew.

I am sad to say I was 18...
and used it until it was in threads...
and then lost it in a move!

This was long before I was a quilter myself.
Oh...the follies of youth.

The other person in the pic is my nephew's wife Denita.

Julianna's was so amazing...
I had to take Guitar Man back there
to have a meal with him.

I had him pose with this  metal mariachi band.

If you look close below...
there were these amazing and noisy birds....
serenading us while we ate too.

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And now it is off to Phoenix!


  1. Wow that looks like so much fun, all those beautiful quilts, and your stall is just so pretty! I loved the french apron oohh lala!

  2. I want to pack up your booth and bring it home with me! I could live there easily - so so beautiful!!! The quilts are just amazing and I'm so glad you got to re-connect with Claudia!

  3. Your booth looks lovely. I wish you were closer to PA! Love the antique bed turning.

  4. John'A Lee, your booth looks fantastic! Hope you had a successful show. The quilts are wonderful.

  5. Thank you for showing all the amazing quilts at the show. Just when I think you've seen it all there are more fantastic designs! I love the cathedral window and the piano keys.
    Teresa x

  6. Your booth looks great - lots of lovely quilts!! Have fun in the desert sun!!

  7. Oh wow...I agree with everyone, your booth is amazing....and I am sure you give wonderful shows....

  8. What a wonderful show. I love the look of your new blog...beautiful. Hugs

  9. Hi John'aLee... What a wonderful time you had at the guile.... The little girl's quilt is beautiful and good for her for doing the quilt... Thanks for sharring the lovely pictures from the quilt show... The antique quilt turnning is wonderful... You can learn so much from the history of the antique quilts... :)

  10. Your booth is gorgeous as always! I see the BOM I am working on ... if I can just get caught up :)
    The quilts at the show are beautiful as well.
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  11. Great Pictures! It looks so warm there too. :)

  12. Your booth expresses a real passion for quilting and it's so inviting! I loved seeing the little girl with her quilt. That really warmed my heart. The bed turning was fun and oh darn about that quilt that was handed over to you during your youth, ha? Bless us when we're young. (BTW, Meet me in Paris and Whimsy Lane and delightful!)

  13. How fun! Your table looks great, and some of those quilts are amazing!

  14. Lovely post. One day I aspire to a cathedral window quilt and now, one that looks as beautiful as the one pictured! Wow.

  15. Ah, enjoy the warmth! We have snow and ice and wished it would stay warm, but alas, cold air is coming this weekend. I will post about the cookies, have been having trouble with my computer.

  16. picture, love, love.....picture 11...did you draw that gorgeous bag???

  17. Now this is what I call a trunk show, a quilt show and you all in!

  18. Those are awesome quilts! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!