Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brrr! It's cold out there traveling from show to show....

Whimsy Lane in Shabby Chic Colors
We're out there in the middle of this storm everyone on the news 
is talking about...
traveling from show to show..

The above pic is from our Phoenix show.

Every show is set up differently...
I decided to hang my original
Meet Me In Paris
this time...

I managed to find a better way
to display my
Buttercream Summer
Mystery Block of the Month
while it is still in pieces...
And we hung the
Heart and Home quilt this time too...
After Phoenix
is when we were caught up in this storm...
We had to pull over in Albuquerqe
for the night...
and oh my...
I had to go to the spa....
(so rough)

then on to their Borders store in town...
Some of the books I perused....

The Guitar Man
worked on our 2011 Quilt Show Schedule...

and oh yeah...
I just have to show you this...

In all the bookstores I have been in...
never before have I seen
as a title caption!

Albuquerqe you rock!

We then skedaddled out in 
the 15 degree weather
to Bravo's for an Italian dinner.

We had their Lobster Ravioli in Vodka Sauce
for an appetizer...
Antipasto Salads for our main course...
And I have to show you pics of
this place...
It's like ancient Roman Pillars in ruins...
have been placed as the center
focal point...
Bravos Italiana...
The bitter half...(whoops!)
I mean....better half...
left to hook up the trailer...
and told me we must get on the road...
So off we go...


  1. Sounds like you are busy and cold. The classes are up at the quilt walk hope to see you then.

  2. WOW I would loved to have been there. It looks delightful. And those books, that is just the coolest!! Hugs

  3. It is cold everywhere... but it's always worst when you have to travel in it! I want to go have dinner in that restaurant!!! It looks fabulous! I love your booth... thanks for the little stroll through it! I feel so left out, I haven't been to a show in so long!!!

  4. I just left a message and I don't know if it went through... but I wanted to tell you that I love the new button and the new look of your blog

  5. Wow you are brave to conquer the elements! At least you had a delicious meal to enjoy :-) Be careful out there.

  6. Your booth looks awesome! Hope you're getting a chance to rest between shows. Stay Safe.

  7. Buttercream makes my mouth water just to say it! Every time I come to your blog I love it more - this new look is wonderful. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Great pics my dear...funny when I come here it is like a summer
    Listen drive safe, and that bookstore..we have that here..I have seen captions of Quilting...must take me some next carry on...where next>?

  9. Your booth looks wonderful!

    I love Bravo Italiano! Great food and ambiance.

    Stay safe and warm on the roads. What is your next stop?

  10. love the new look Madam Samm is awesome! Looks like you arefeeling better! Good luck in 2011! Love ya Claudia

  11. The booth looks lovely. Safe travels.

  12. Travel safe! How long before you're back home in Nashville?

  13. I hope you're still getting people to the shows despite the bad weather! And pleased to see you're have a few moments to relax, at the bookshop and restaurant, in the middle of it all :-)
    Teresa x

  14. Your booth look so amazing....

    Be safe and stay warm...I just noticed that Quilting Nana said that too...oh well....just do it!

  15. Hi John'aLee... Your booth looks great... Thanks for the tour of the resturant... The food looks yummy and the deco is just amazing... be safe out there ... :)

  16. What a beautiful booth - so very pretty! Sorry to hear that you all got caught in the storm, but happy to see what fun you had in spite of it!! The food looks delish! Love your work - it's so soft and romantic! Love it!!!

  17. hello! thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog!

    sounds like you will be at quilt Market in SLC in May! Hopefully I will get to meet you there! :)

  18. Delicious colors.

    Take me with you. I WANT SOME of that lobster dish.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  19. Your quilts and display look wonderful. Looks as though you enjoy the merchandising as much at the quilting! Thanks for visiting Buttermilk Cottage. Hope you'll came back often and visit!

  20. Me again! Forgot to say I'm a Tennessee gal too--East TN!

  21. Yummy! I love your quilt designs! Thanks for keeping us updated during your travels and for visiting me today!

    Safe travels,

  22. Great show in Denver Jon'a Lee. Enjoyed meeting you. Happy travels!

  23. Love your quilt show booth... will you be at the Knoxville Quilt Show this year?

  24. Whew! What a schedule! Safe traveling!

  25. Your quilts are lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, commenting, and following. It's nice to meet you! Have a wonderful week!

  26. Oh My Goodness! Your quilts are gorgeous! What fun to travel the shows! Stay warm and stay safe!