Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5th Block Complete in Mystery Quilt

 My 'Friends are Like Flowers...
Many Petals... Many Layers...
is finished.
I so wish I could have gotten a better picture.

I was going to put this saying in the last block...

But it didn't work out.
So...I created a block to go on top of it...
and now I will add some small pieced blocks to the sides.

I'm tickled pink about the other project I am working on!
These Postage Stamp Quilts
You know how us quilters are....
always making quilts either for others...
or in my case....
for the business...

I line up the strips on my sewing machine.
I then sewed them together with cream strips in between...
I managed to get 8 panels done...

I decided....
I need to have quilts on my beds.
It has been 6 /1/2 years since I started
this business....
and not one quilt on my own beds.

I am making these two matching twin
Postage Stamp Quilts
for my guest bedroom.

My girlfriend Nancy
and her friend 
are coming next month to spend a weekend
sewing with me...
so that is my goal date.

So how are all your resolutions going ladies????

The Guitar Man and I have decided that this year...
we are going to live more frugally.
Times are tough for everyone...
and so we have sat down to see
where all we could cut back.
It's amazing when you really sit down and do an

Tonight we went and spent $51 on groceries...
instead of my usual $150 or more...

Came home...put a chicken on to boil...
I figured I could make a good chicken soup
for one meal...
and some sort of casserole with the meat.
Two meals for the price of one.

We've also decided to incorporate beans
in our diet on a much more regular basis.
Not only are they cheap...
they are so good for you!

And I'm talking about...
the kind that you soak overnight...
and then cook them all day!

Have any of you read the book
Artisan Bread in  5 Minutes a Day?

An awesome concept.
The bread takes no kneading...
and you keep it in your fridge for up to 2 weeks...
and break off dough as you need it for
Artisan Bread.

I made a batch of it too tonight.
I will let you know how it turns out.

When my friend Nancy came to visit me
she brought me a loaf she made...
and I couldn't believe it.
It tasted like an Artisan Bread 
right from a bakery.

One of my resolutions last year
was to lose 30 lbs...
which I accomplished!
Now this year...
I would like to lose at least 15 more!

And I'm trying to spend the evenings...
quilting for 'me' or for 'others'
so as to not get burned out...
always feeling like I have 
to do it for the business.

So I am happy with how this first
new week of the year is going...

How 'bout you?

Let me know....



  1. I would so love to hear how that bread turned out. I had lost 30 pounds but all the traveling since Sept has not helped keep it off..I know, no excuses...shame on me.

    Can't wait to see your finished quilts.

  2. We have changed our diets as well. Right now while it is winter we basically eat beans every other night and soup the opposite nights. Tuesday is tuna day (or fish if we can afford it); and we fix meat one other night.

    No bread or pasta or potatoes or corn or peas or or or. sigh. Diabetes is stupid!!

    It is amazing when you see the areas you can cut back. Then after a time you don't miss them.

    No quilts on our beds either. That is a goal for this year. Maybe.

  3. Your postage stamp quilts will be lovely! That is one of my favorites, but I say that about a lot of patterns, too... good for you to do some for your own home.

    We feel the pinch of economy all the time. You are on track with some good goals!

  4. Your block is gorgeous, John'aLee! I can't believe you don't have quilts on your beds though, I'm glad you're finally making some. I'd love to hear how that Artisan bread turns out, that sounds like something even I could do.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts you're making for yourself! And I'm interested in the results of the bread. I printed information to do this a while ago but never got around to it.
    We've cut down on our spending over the last couple of years, not just because of the 'credit crunch' but in trying to be more earth friendly.
    This year I want to find more time to make things for us and to give as gifts and sell. Happy stitching in 2011.
    Teresa x

  6. Well I can't say we are "changing" anything at the moment because we are still in flux. When we do land in the house we will be staying in for the next several years (and that will be sometime before or around summer) I will start a garden to save $ on those veggies I love so much. I also bough a pressure cooker so I can start canning them, too. The hubs hunts frequently and we save $ on meat that way. It's a big, big, big savings for us because we do like our red meat. Currently my freezer holds almost a whole Elk, 1/4 of a venison, a goose breast (ate the pheasant last night), store bought chicken and store bought pork. I will send him this spring to get us some wild boar which will take care of the need to buy pork for almost a year and if the spring is kind to me, I will be able to add a couple turkey breasts to the freezer (I struck out in the fall).

    I did not do so well on the weight loss front but have renewed my efforts this year. 30 is about my goal as well. Congratulations for accomplishing it!

    I love both those blocks you've finished as well as the postage stamp fabrics. Those quilts will look beautiful. A great idea to get quilts for your own beds! I managed 3 for the kids but nothing for hubs and I. I'm doing a quilt along Postage Stamp quilt myself for our own bed. :)

    I cannot wait to see how yours finish up!

  7. Hi John'aLee! I am new to your blog and absolutely LOVE IT!!!

    I saw on one of your posts that you gave a scallop ruler demo at one of the quilt shows. Would you consider doing a tutorial on scalloped borders and using the ruler on your blog? I love how yours look and would be keen to learn your secret.
    Happy New Year,

  8. I so enjoy reading your posts. I too love your blog. Great goals, pretty close to my own. We are working on frugality even more than before, working on eating healthy, making a few quilts for our home and just having fun this year quilting. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings you and how all your goals turn out. Hugs

  9. Oh I really like that block you did, so pretty!