Friday, January 21, 2011

Madame Samm has been working her magic....

Oh Ladies....
Darling Madame Samm....
over at
has been waving
her magic wand...
The Scrappy Appleyard!

Just look at that new header she designed for me.
Oh I think I am tickled down to my
tippee toes!
I received a call from this amazing lady...
last Sunday.
She has asked me to be a guest blogger in 
April, May and June...
over at
Stash Manicure.
I feel humbled and honored.
It will be my first guest blog appearance.
I'll keep you posted....

I'm going to be giving away....
A Complete Buttercream Summer
Block of the Month Quilt
over there....
so make sure you tune in!!!

I'm at a show...
busy as a bee..
so off I go...
Thank you Madame Samm...
My heart....


  1. Adorable header! Madam Samm did a great job.
    I bet you are busy as a bee at the quilt show.

  2. Adorable!!! She is one very talented lady.

  3. To cute! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  4. How LOVELY!!!!!!! And exciting - can't wait to see your posts. Hope the show is going very well!

  5. Oooh, that's pretty, John'a Lee! Madame Samm did you proud!! And so happy you're going to be posting on Stash Manicure! I'll be there, too, in March! Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations and I love your new header!!! It's so happy and pretty and, gosh, well, inviting. :)

  7. She did a wonderful job on your header!!

  8. Wow, your new look is beautiful. That Samm really knows who stuff, congratulations.

  9. I just popped over here from Madame Samm's blog, she has you on her list of new blog updates, this is her best.WOW. How lucky for you, I will be coming by more often, this is like a garden. Your work is very pretty. Cannot wait till you are a guest. xTonie in NZ

  10. Very pretty John'aLee. Yes that Madame Samm is one wonderful lady ;-)

  11. That is so pretty. I can't wait until your a guest. Hugs

  12. Hi John'aLee... WOW!!!! I just love the NEW look... It is just wonderful...I could just smell the apple blosoms... Have fun on the road... :)

  13. Oh! I love it!!!! It looks so wondeful. Samm is so sweet! She really did a wonderful job with your header!! Hugs Ariane

  14. Love the new look. Refreshing as biting into a cool & crisp apple. Yumm.


  15. Wonderful header! Your blog looks terrific.
    Hope you have very successful shows. Your fabric bundles look fabulous.
    Have a great time with the family.

  16. Love your new Header by the wonderful Madame Samm. She gave me a makeover as well. Come by for a visit.

    Gmama jane

  17. Very pretty. I look forward to your Stash Manicure post :)

  18. please do tell, who is this Madame? your blog is beautiful, feels like spring. I came over from stash manicure, is this the same person who is over there? I am a new follower , love your quilts you have a beautiful eye for color. Will be back.

  19. Beatufiful! Such a talented lady that touches all our hearts, and when we are very lucky, our blogs too! Love the new look John'aLee!