Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Look....

Okay gals...
I need your honest opinion ...
on this one...

I'm messing around with the
backgrounds of my blog...
trying to get it to match my website design more.
What do you think?
(You can click on my website to view it's layout right
there on the right side...)

I really loved the other one...
And sometimes when I go to a blog and
they've changed it...
I maybe don't recognize who it is...
or it doesn't feel the same...
and I don't like it as much.

So give me your honest feedback.
I'm going to change it back...

if need be!


  1. That is funny, I was just playing with my blog too, changing it up a bit. Got my daughter working on a project for me for the title part, s for yours, I like them both, sorry I am of no help to help you decide.

  2. I love it! All polka dots and cherry and bright. New is good. Makes you get noticed.

  3. Hi John'aLee... I just love the new look... But, if you are not happy with it then I would only change the Blue to either green or pink... That is surly up to you.... Good Luck with you New Year's resulations... :)

  4. I think it's cute and matches your shop's website with the polka dots. Personally, I like background changes. :)

  5. I love polka dots. =)

    I'm thinking pink is more your color, isn't it??

  6. I like it but I can never resist polka dots and red/white/blue. Also like the little bits of paper peeking out between the fabrics.

  7. I like it John'aLee. It is cheerful and happy. I don't really think it makes too much difference if people are coming. Followers are going to come, and it's fun to see something new and refreshing. I've had some backgrounds that I really love, and try to reuse them during the seasons (if I can remember ha,ha)

  8. Ahh sadly I can't remember what your previous one looked like. How terribly unobservant I am!

    If it helps, though, I like this one. I think it's similar but just different enough from your website to keep a relationship while being something more casual and fun.

    My 2 cents.

  9. Oh, I LOVE messing with the blog graphics.
    I make a new header and background for the seasons. As you can see from my blog.
    I like yours, BUT I'm thinking your a pink & green kinda gal.
    I still have your pin cushion here waiting for your address. Don't forget to email me at Jealous Nancy is coming to visit.
    Hugs, Karen

  10. Well I love it - I can't get your website to come up though, so I can't compare. And I have no memory anymore, so I can't remember what it looks like. ARGH. Lots of help, aren't I? *G*

  11. I love your banner picture, and the blue dot background but think the notebook part on top of the blue dot fabric is a little bit too much, but I'll get used to it. It's nothing that would keep me away! If you like it, that's all that matters, you see it the most!

  12. I like the new design and I LOVE the header at the top. I need to get more creative about my design - someday.

  13. love the colours, but maybe I few too many layers! but then again it is the content I like

  14. I think it's very pretty! I love the header!

  15. I love the blue & white polka dots better. I think it is lovely. I need to do something with mine but not sure what... :)