Friday, May 21, 2010

We have a winner! Congratulations Jesse #28

Ladies and Gentleman....
I am so very humbled by all of your kind comments and generosity of spirit in this my first Give Away. I couldn't believe when I looked at the Live Feed that people from countries all over the world have stopped by. And of course all of you great US and A people too!! Thank you so much!!

The Random Generator pulled up #28 (Jesse)  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

And happy sewing, quilting and crafting to all you awesome creative people out there!
Quilting Hugs,


  1. Wow!! Congratulations Jesse!! Lucky you! Great give away!!

  2. You had an awesome giveaway and Jesse is a very lucky person! Oh, well, maybe next time. I'm a follower and will look forward to seeing more postings from you. Glad I found your blog through this giveawy.

    Happy stitching!

  3. Congratulations to the winner! It was a very generous giveaway!