Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day! A future soldier perhaps....

I couldn't resist sharing this picture with everyone of my grandson Cole!
I rushed his mom to the hospital last night. She had a tubal pregnancy. When she went to the ER here in Panguitch, they wanted to take her in an ambulance to Cedar City for surgery. She refused. Felt like it was too much money.
I look for my keys, only to realize that Kenny Roy had them....and he happened to be out at the property with my son working on a shed. 
I call him....frustrated to say the least.
He tells me, he is on his way in to the hospital here with 'said' grandson above. He stepped on a rusty nail out there while helping them.
Brooke drives over to the hospital to sign papers saying it is okay for his grandpa to bring him in for treatment.
Finally...we are on our way.
So here I bananas trying to get her to the hospital  which is an hour away knowing full well that this thing could burst at any minute. At her age 21 years ago I had a cyst the size of a tennis ball that burst and by the time I got to the hospital I was almost dead.
Once we got into the hospital and saw the ultrasound I really knew that God was watching over us. The doctor said it was very rare for a pregnancy in a tube to even reach 4  to 5 weeks let alone  for it to have a heartbeat. The technician said only once before in her career had she seen this.  Brooke my daughter was 6 1/2 weeks along .... and there was a heartbeat. Oh so sad! Both her and I started crying... just to know what had to be done to save her life.
She is doing well physically, but pretty scared emotionally. They have been trying for awhile. And there only other child, Cole, above is almost 7.
So my friends, instead of camping this weekend, or sewing...I spent it taking care of  the sick. I was so wishing I had a hand project ready to take to the hospital to work on while I waited. Lesson learned!
Please if you are so inclined....pray for my little Brooke.
Thanks from the itsy bitsy teeny weeny depths of my heart!


  1. God Bless, and I pray that all goes well for all of you! Take care,

  2. Oh wow! I am praying for Brooke and Cole (who stepped on a rusty
    nail!). I will also pray for her husband and you!!!

    Dear LORD our Only Hope and Great Physician! We come to you with hearts
    that ache for Brooke and her tiny baby. LORD give Brooke health and
    peace that passes our understanding, but comes directly from your Holy
    Spirit~ Protect Brooke and direct her doctors in the ways to help her
    with her baby. LORD, you knew this was happening even before she knew!
    YOU know all things, and you give us the strength to go through
    confidence in Your Love~ Also our LORD and Protector, keep Cole from
    having any type of problem from this rusty nail!!! Keep him safe from
    all harm. Give peace to this family. Praise Your HOLY NAME LORD Jesus
    Christ~! Amen

    My son is an officer in the Army. You have a handsome grandson! Cathy

  3. What a cute picture.

    And...what a stressful heart goes out to you both...glad you got her to the hospital in time!

  4. Oh gosh...I was super stressed just reading this post! So glad that things are well, and hopefully the emotional healing can begin soon!

  5. Hi John Alee... What a beautiful grandson... My grandson will be 8 at the end of this year.. so, I know how much fun ther are... enjoy :) He is so sweet...and adorable... :)
    My heart and prayers go to your daughter (daughter-in-law) and in hopes she feels better soon...It is wnderful you got her there to the Hospital in time...I will say a prayer for her ... Peace :)

  6. My precious Brooke,
    Please be strong again and condolences on your loss. Love always, Auntie Edwina