Monday, May 3, 2010

Paducah or Bust!!

My Quilting must, you must, you must put Paducah on your upcoming travel list at some point. It is amazing the way this town turns out for our once upon a time 'little passion'! It is no wonder that it is called Quit City USA.
Ken just came in and told me that the odometer read in our car that clocks the hours we spent in the car as well as miles, said that we were in the car 64 hours on this trip! Wow! But it was worth every bit of it. You might wonder what I do all that time while he is driving so I will tell you and show you. 
Because of my bad back, I have a fluffy feather bed in the back seat, where I am either laying down watching movies, quilting videos, reading, working on new designs or sewing. Amazingly the time flies by. And yes, I can hear some of you now...what about a seat belt? I don't wear one, unless the roads are bad, or we are in a snowstorm. I've come to the conclusion that if we get in a wreck, well, we get in a wreck. It is the only way I can travel to all of these shows, and both Ken and I hold hands and audibly pray together for God to protect us on our journeys. So if something happens after that.....whatever will be will be!
After leaving Mom and Dad's we drove16 hours the first day, and on Monday, the 19th it was Ken's 56th birthday. This is us outside of the hotel, getting ready to hop in the car and head out once again.

The Quilt Museum here in Paducah is now recognized as the National Museum for quilting which is quite exciting. Ken and I stopped in on our last day out. We couldn't take any pictures inside, so I decided to take them outside to at least help you to get a picture of it. They also had a great little shop inside with books that aren't always easy to find.
     I will post more later. The hubby is wanting to take me to breakfast.


  1. Lucky you. I'm only an 8-hour drive to Paducah. One day I'll get there!

  2. Oh how wonderful!!! I love your set up in the car. I think we could do a long trip like that but we'd have to have movies and games to keep the kids busy.