Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just a short little post today. Inspiration. It is what keeps us designers of all kinds going. I remember asking a designer whom I have the utter most respect for once, "Where do you get your inspiration?"  Her answer. "John'aLee it is very simple. It is everywhere. In nature, in books, in coloring books, children's books, blogs, shows. Just start looking deeper into `what you see`."  And those words changed my 'designing life'!
Above is some new embroidery thread I picked up just for the 'color' inspiration. The embroidery book has some stitches I haven't used before, so I figured I would combine the two and come up with some new designs.
So here's a page from my sketchbook where I play around with designs. This is a rough starting copy of the new BOM I am working on out of Fig Tree's two lines, Millhouse Inn and Fresh Cotton.
This is the beginning. Hundreds of hours later, a finished quilt.
And it all starts from.......a little bit of......Inspiration!

And here it is on top of the fabrics I'm working with.

So today....look somewhere new for some of that dynamic little thing we call....Inspiration!
Check outside...go see what is in bloom...
Wander into Blog Land and see what others are working on...
Go to Moda's website and check out all of their upcoming new fabric lines...
Go pull some fabrics out of your own stash that you usually wouldn't put together..and make a block out of them.
Trade some fabrics with a good friend and create a challenge...
The best place.....Borders or Barnes....Ahhhh..my favorite get away  to get inspired.

And have....an inspirational day!!
Quilting hugs to all of you,


  1. How fun to see a glimps of your scetchbook! That's the fun thing about living a creative life... inspiration: all you have to do is open your eyes:)

  2. What a fun blog..and what an amazing scrapbook! I found your link from a comment on Amy's post...so fun!

  3. I love looking at your blog! Your creativity inspires me.