Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snowed in in North Dakota....BRRRRR!!!

Photo: Flight has been cancelled. Stuck in North Dakota with this dude. Oh happy day!!

I'm snowed in with this dude!
All flights have been cancelled....
not sure when I am going to get out of here!!

I need to be back in Nashville by next Wednesday,
because I am supposed to fly out of there to go be with all of the grand kids for an early Idaho

I'm having a ball here though.
Hard to leave this ole man of mine anyway.
We have shopped, hung out at coffee cafes,
visited thrift shops, used bookstores,
got lots of snuggle time in with the ole teddy bear.

 Photo: Game day, go outlaws!!! #20
And I made cinnamon rolls with my oldest grandson Cole...
went to his hockey game....
Mom was in the booth working the clock.
 Photo: Game day, go outlaws!!! #20
 Pop was able to come too. Little man was thrilled.

Photo: Grandma and Cole Monger cooking for Thanksgiving. I'm so looking forward to my mamas cookin
 He stayed by my side the whole time I worked on Thanksgiving dinner.
My little ... I mean big helper.

Photo: Mom/grama is here:) 
Even though he's 10...he still likes to snuggle with Grams too!
Where would we all be without our grand babies?
Love the holiday season. This is truly what it is all about.

Photo: Game day, go outlaws!!! #20
 Loved being with my oldest daughter Brooke too!

I hope everyone is having a very blessed holiday.
You all have enriched my life so much over the years,
and I thank the Lord for all of you too at this time of year!

Holiday Hugs,


  1. It is good to hear from you and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time there, even if you are stuck there just a little longer! Enjoy your family!

  2. isn't it strange how life throws you a curve and you benefit from it? you look so happy!

  3. SO nice you got this time with Ken and your North Dakota family! Also excited you get to be with your other kids for Christmas! I think of you lots and know that we must plan a day to get together. When the weather is warmer here on our Hilltop maybe?! :-) Hugs....

  4. I've been wondering how things were going for you. Glad to know you have been enjoying quality time with loved ones.
    You look great, my dear!

  5. So happy to hear from you....intersting weather coming across the USA.
    Good top be in a "happy place"......I know your kids are enjoying your time with them....have a blessed Christmas....

  6. Happy times! Wishing you safe travels when ever you can get out!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Thank You. Happy to hear you are having a lovely holiday time with family your big loved ones and the little ones. Stay happy and a Merry Christmas.