Sunday, December 8, 2013

Planning Organization for Christmas

Hi Everybody!

December is slowly ticking away....

Here's what I have been working on to get myself organized for this busy holiday season....
Present List...Still to Purchase...
Gift Card List
Envelope for Christmas Receipts....Beginning of Dividers
My Christmas Chronicles Notebook
Pile of Goodies I am working with....
I am frantically trying to get things done for an early Christmas with the whole family.
just maybe....
all of my kids and grand kids will make it for a much needed family pic!!
 I'm sure you women out there know what I mean when I say...."This is a hard thing to accomplish!!!"  

Keep Sane my Friends!!


  1. Organization can really help take the stress out of it. I am determined that next year I am going to start early. Safe travels Johna'Lee and I hope all your kids make it to Idaho!

  2. I have a very similar Christmas notebook that was commercially produced by my sister and her friend. Before that I had created my own in a similar manner.
    I hope your family photo op works out well, but what tough time to be hurrying and traveling! Where in Idaho will you be?

  3. Hoping all your dreams come true for a family get-together this Christmas Johna'Lee! There's nothing like being with loved ones during the holidays!

  4. You are way to organized for me--I make a list and then loose it! Looking forward to some after Christmas fabric inventory sales!