Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A 'HAPPY' post Linkup Party...

My Happy List

Check out this great Link Up Party!

Here's my short 'Happy List' for the day...

Fresh Herbs...
Healthy Breakfasts...
Beautiful Fall Days...
Bookstore Jaunts
Sending Happy Mail!
Finding a local Tea Shoppe called The Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland Theme)
That I didn't burn the house down! Am I the only one that does this?
Sleeping babies at Grandma's
Best Girlfriends...
Veteran's Day to remember Fallen Soldiers...
Journal Writing in Cafes
So what all has made you happy lately?

When one stops to think about it,
one realizes....
there really is SO much....
to be thankful for!



  1. :D Thanks so much for linking-up to My Happy List! I'm so happy you found my little link party!

    Book store jaunts always make me happy, too! I must tell you that I love quilts, although I don't have the skills! Your are so pretty!!!

    I agree that we do have so much to be thankful and happy for….that's why I host the party. I'm always disappointed that more folks don't participate. I wonder why, but I'm not giving up!

    We're home today…our daughter is sick, and I'm trying to get better! She's supposed to meet with our minister this afternoon and be baptized Sunday.


  2. I love fresh herbs and yep...I have almost burn't the house down LOL! I am so happy because today the weather cooled off in Orlando 74degrees, yea, now I can finally get in the fall spirit. Pretty funny everyone is bundled up in jackets today.


  3. So glad to see a happy post. Your new digs is lovely. I'm happy that you are making a fresh start. I will have to find that cafe in the library whenever I get up to Nashville again :-)

  4. Fun to see your list!
    I'm glad you see much to be grateful for in spite of all you have been through! : )

  5. All the little things add up to a pretty happy life.

  6. That is such a beautiful list and I'm so glad that your days are being happier for you.

  7. This is wonderful. Happy to see the list and I want to start a Happy List.

  8. Wonderful blog. This is a great idea and enjoyed your pictures.

  9. I'm happy today to see that you are recovering.

  10. Was so happy to see you were back. I had only just found you before your life got turned around. I was sad for you and am pleased to see things are slowly getting better. Be well. Good thoughts from Airdrie. Liz