Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work in Progress

For all of you out there working on this colorway with me..
Here is the second block in progress...
Oh I love these yummy colors!
Here's how it looks with the first
finished block...
And today....
this is where I am going to 
sit my little tushie down...
and stitch the day away...
The Guitar Man obliged...
and hung a quilt for me ...
dining room...
Oh...I can't wait to get
my stuff!
I never realized...
how much 'my stuff'
meant to me.
All of those worldly goods....

Now....Over at the website...
we are having a fantastic
Pillowcase Sale!!!
All on 50% Off..
while they last...
they are going quickly though...
so head over there 
if you want a real quick Christmas gift.
You can make one of these up in 
about 15 minutes....
because the little elves
around here....
have done all the cutting for you!

The Guitar Man also managed to get some
Meet Me In Paris Kits
up on the website.
We usually don't have time
to post these here
while we are doing shows...
because they go so fast.
But seeing we are off the road for 
about 6 more weeks...
we were able to.
We have some darling ones 
in French Hat Box fabrics...
and Heavenly Peace fabrics.

And now I must have a profitable stitching day...
so off I go!


  1. I love your room, it's beautiful. And the quilt is stunning!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to see you. I'll definitely be back here.

  2. Such a cozy room. And the quilt Guitar Man hung for you is gorgeous! :-)

  3. What a beautiful place to sew...and I love what you're working on as well!

  4. What gorgeous blocks - and what a lovely stitching spot you have! Off the road for 6 weeks? Girl, you better get some GOOD REST! How are you feeling???

  5. Oh, those are the sweetest blocks you are working on.
    What a fabulous quilt hanging in your house too. Wow!
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Your blocks are so georgeous...and that quilt you have hanging is so wonderful...

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so enjoying your blog now that you posted! Your work is wonderful and your house looks awesome :)

  8. That quilt in your dining room is beautiful....and I love the cozy place you sit to do your stitching!

  9. What a lovely post full of gorgeous eye candy!
    The quilt looks fabulous and I LOVE the BOM block which is so pretty.
    What yummy fabrics you are using for your hexies.
    Happy Holidays to you!