Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quilt Walk Reportings

Every year we donate as many fat quarters as Claudia
needs to put in the bags of those
registered for classes.
This year she needed them by Tuesday night at 5.
Our employee Linda usually takes care of getting them together.
But this year Ken was responsible.
Something told me to double check...
he had them tied up in rubber bands...
some in strips of fabric...
"Ken....what are you doing?" Of course was
my response.
Guess who got to take them all apart and redo them?
With ribbon...
and labels...
the right way!
I barely made the dead line.
What a job.
A big fat "Thank you" to Linda for 
all the work you've done in the past
that maybe I haven't fully appreciated.
I love you!

I then asked him to dump them all on the table
to take a picture for my blog.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I knew this was going to be a sight to be seen!
200 plus fat quarters...
all tied up beautifully 
with ribbon....
by me.
He dumped about 1/4 of them...
and I didn't realize it...
until this morning when I started this post.
No din din tonight my Guitar Man!

So on my walk Wednesday morning
I took my camera
so I could post some of the happenings
around town as everyone was 
setting up for the Festival.
This scene is created by Becky at
Cowboy Collectibles.
She's a dear.
One of my quilting addicts I created for the industry.
This is the Social Hall
where the Quilt Walk dinner play
takes place each night.
I will try to get another picture of it today..
there's more been added out front of it.
Joe and Nan own the local market...
these people are 'the cream of the crop"
they don't come any better.
When we first opened Joe
would put hundreds of dollars down
on deposit for his wife to shop
whenever she wanted.
And he insisted that when she ran out,
I was to come down to the market...
and get more.
Now does your husband compare?
I haven't convinced Joe to give lessons yet....
but its a thought!
This is a statue out in front of the library.
But for years now the Quilt Walk committee has been taking donations and raising money
for a statue of the Quilt Walkers themselves.
Last year Claudia reported they had raised over $40,000!
I was shocked.
I caught up with Claudia for just a moment yesterday
and she explained how this was all going down.
Each of the platforms will have a bench with one
of the Quilt Walkers name on it.
Then in the middle will be the huge statue.
And walkways.
I talked to Leon (Claudia's husband) in the parking
lot yesterday...
where he almost purposely ran me down.
Leon and I have this 'love-hate' relationship.
He knows he loves me...
but he hates that Claudia his wife
let me buy this building from them...
where both of our Quilt Shoppes have now
lived and breathed. Making a little bit of their own history!

Leon said he was hoping to get the statues today...
I really hope they can...
it would be a great ending to the Quilt Walk
this year to have them put in while everyone is here.
Luv ya Leon!!
Now none of this would be possible...
it it weren't for Claudia..
the one on the right.
She is the one who has built this whole Festival
over the years to what it is today.
At our first trunk show in the high school
auditorium on Thursday...
the ladies presented her with a quilt they had
made for her....
she wept.
But who more deserving?
She puts in countless hours every year
so that we all can enjoy this special time together.
(Sorry about the quality of pictures. It was dark in the auditorium)

Now this morning its a chilly and rainy morning here in Panguitch, coming in at a 46 degrees. Brrrr! Wouldn't you know it...the last three days have been sunny and warm, but the morning I have to get up before 7 to head down to the Zion's Bank parking lot for their Pancake is freezing out!!! I will say the breakfast was worth it though! Here's a picture of the Guitar Man eatin' up!
And here's the set-up. The old mayor taking everyone's money! The cooks behind him, cookin' up a storm.
We always try and get here early....
to beat the crowd.
So let's go back to the night it started....
Chocolate Fest!!
You ask.....What is a Chocolate Fest?
It's tables and tables of homemade goodies
made out of Chocolate!
There is a Light Chocolate Fountain,
And a Dark Chocolate Fountain
to dip strawberries, bananas, apples
and other goodies in.
Buying 3 tickets gets you 3 desserts.
Ymmm!! Is all I can say!
My granddaughter agrees...
I don't think this little one's mother 
will ever forget 'this' Quilt Walk...
She was awakened early one morning
by Emily (this one's sister)...
saying, "Mom, Kiera'a cutting her hair!"
Kiera had hair down past her hiney...
after her quick make over
it was several different lengths,
and her poor mom
was horrified.
the troubles of youth!


  1. Completely off topic - but where did you get that tablecloth? (First picture) It is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful plug on the Quilt Walk and for the tremendous gift you give the QW each yer...fat quarters and the whole Meet Me in Paris Kit! Awesome! I really appreciate it! And yes, Leon does have a love hate relationship, but only because he has a hard time parting with things. It was truly a fun weekend, and I can barely walk tonight! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Love Claudia

  3. Great post, really gave a feel for the festival. Thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing your festival! How fun... and I would be right there next to the chocolate!The quilt walk is a great idea! Have you recovered?

  5. ...LOL....what a crazy wonderful story getting this wonderful quilt walk going!!!!