Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More of: The Design Process

I took the 'Process Pledge' so here goes another post
 to let you in on how I work at developing 
my patterns for you all out there.
Last night I couldn't sleep and so at about 11 p.m.
I got up, headed into my sewing studio
and was determined to get this first block of my 
new and upcoming Block of the Month 
figured out.
I have never developed a pattern with hand embroidery
so its a 'touch and go' process with me.
I like the looks of this block
but there are a few problems with it.
#1...the strawberries need to be bigger and more defined.
And the basket needs to be more balanced out...and bigger.
In the original drawing they both looked alright
but once done with fabric and thread, there needed
to be some adjustment.
 (I took these pictures well after midnight...so please excuse the photography!)

So back to the drafting table...
I also felt this block needed to be bigger...
 I start commissioning fabrics and come up with these below.
I needed something a little bit more solid for the basket 
so the embroidery work will show up.
 I make my templates with freezer paper...
iron them on to the backside of my fabrics...
 Pin them to the background...
Take the piece to the light box so I can start drawing
the embroidery work in...
And all the while... I am making a "Key"
for the 'Guitar Man'
who will be making up the kits for you guys...
or if he's lucky...
will be instructing one of the employees
how to do it...
And I wake up this morning...
and almost convince myself...
that the block is too big!
I still need to add small prairie points to the outside of the block.
So it still needs to be readjusted.
And this is why I said in a previous post...
if you all out there knew the hours and painstaking   
details us designers put into our work.....FOR YOU...
I just know....I am convinced...you would never copy off patterns for one of your friends.
I never knew how important 'copyright' was until I started designing
and saw all the work that goes into even one pattern.
This pattern above....is only "ONE" block!
And its not even close to being done.
So thanks to all of you
for your respect...
for your patronage...
and most of all...
for the encouragement you give to us designers!

Quilting Hugs,


  1. It's a very cute block. I understand how much goes into designing, though I'm not a designer, myself. I am a researcher, and I know how much work goes into that and into the writing process, so I understand copyright and its importance. Good work!

  2. It's going to be so darn cute when it is all finished... um, it's cute now! I love your whimsical style! Half the fun is BUYING... a pattern, that is how we show encouragement and support, right?

  3. I am loving this block!!
    Very cute!

  4. Hi John'alee... I love what you are doing with this block... I enjoy embrodery and applique in blocks... I know that you will get it right... Love the pattern that you are doing... Can't wait to see it finished... Keep up the great work... :)

  5. I never realized how much work went into the designing of blocks. I am amazed. I buy patterns when people ask for mine. A quilt shop I frequent in Billings, MT said to me, "That is the third pattern you have purchased." I told them that it was for friends who "wanted" mine. Ha!

  6. I really like the process posts. They make me think. Plus, there are so many more opportunities to share when we don't wait for the finished product.