Tuesday, June 8, 2010

QUILT WALK is here again!!!! Yippee!!!

Quilt Walk is here again. 
This is the most exciting week here in Panguitch in my book.
It is the reason we moved here.
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The story of Quilt Walk is this:
In 1864 when settlers were settling the town of Panguitch
the people were running out of food.
Seven men started walking with their oxen and carts over the mountain between Panguitch and I-15 to Parowan
to try and find food to bring back so they all wouldn't starve.
It was the middle of winter, the snow was deep
and they weren't making much progress.
One of the men put a QUILT down to pray on.
They realized they weren't sinking anymore...
because of the Quilt!
So the rest of the way....
they literally flipped quilts and walked on them all the way.
And they made it back successfully with food.
Now all around town you will see "utility" quilts hanging over posts 
propped up by haybales.
These quilts stay out night and day,
rain, sunshine or snow,
for about 2 weeks.
Many 'quilters' get upset  at seeing this.
Understood!! We have been conditioned and
rightfully so....to take care of our quilts...and even minimally
keep them out of the sun at least....
to preserve them for the next 

But you must realize....it is different..this story!
This is a story about survival.
These quilts are ''utility" quilts.
They ARE telling the story of this town in their own way!
And you know...I think it is good to be reminded too..
that we need to make quilts for using not just 'show'!
(Now I am not advocating putting them outside for 2 weeks....you quilters would kill me...and I really do want to live a 
little bit longer!)
So here are the rest of the pictures I took around town while I was walking yesterday.
 Have a blessed day my friends...
and remember....
to stitch a little today....
a little every day....
and on down the road....
this stitching....becomes a quilt!
Quilting Hugs,


  1. I happened to be traveling through Panguitch a few times (we used to vacation a lot in Boulder, UT) and saw they had this quilt walk. Seems like I missed it by about 2 days every time we came through! Bummer. Looks like so much fun.

  2. Hi John'alee... I love the history of the town and the quilt walk... I have never heard of this and I enjoyed it... It must be a pretty site to see... Thanks for sharring... :)

  3. I love the quilt walk - and the friends from Panquitch that I have made from attending the quilt walk. I will be thinking about you all this weekend!