Monday, July 8, 2013

The Ranchre's Daughter Quilt Along (Week 21) Lady of the Lake

The Rancher's Daughter at work...

I didn't realize my son was snapping pics of me while I worked today in his work studio!
So here I am, determined to get another block out for you ladies.
Lady of the Lake

I had some 'sidekick' help today too...
Little Miss Em coloring in my sketch for me.
She also threaded the needle for me too,
since I couldn't find my glasses...
And little sis...
was in the background making her own block...

So this was the perfect block for my story today.

When the Rancher designed his cattle ranch from scratch,
him being from Kentucky,
he wanted a lake with an  old covered bridge over it 
that actually creaked when you went over it.
Yep...he figured out how to make it do that.

One night the boy who had won my heart
was serenading me out there in the canoe...
so romantic.
Dark, stars above,
him singing and playing love songs on his guitar.

All of a sudden it looked like 2 huge white sea monsters stood up out
of the water howling....

It was that dear brother of mine and his friend shirtless!

The boy said he almost started using that guitar as a paddle to get us out of there...
until he realized the joke was on us!

Cutting Instructions:
A     Cut (1) 4½ X 4½ Square (Red)
            Cut (20) 1½ X 1½" Squares (Red)

 B       Cut (1) 4½" X 4½"  Square (Red)
             Cut (20) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Red)

Make 20 A/B Half Square Triangle Units
(Not 12 like I did here!)

Sew side rows together making sure all Half Square Units are positioned the way they are supposed to be:

Sew side rows on first:
Complete Block:
And here's a few other pics:

Thanks for being so patient ya'll!

I'll write another post again as soon as I can about my birthday and the new gran dbaby!



  1. Cute story--and a block I have always loved. I will definitely be making this one!

  2. LOL Love your story...and your block is fabulous!

  3. HUMM I made this quilt WAY back when I was first quilting. It was my first large quilt. I need to remake it, bc all three of my DD's want it. LOL

  4. I have exactly the same sewing machine as you - mine hasn't had much use lately, though.
    It's nice to have some little helpers. Funny story and great block.
    Teresa x

  5. This is a really colorful design, especially the beautiful border of red polka dots. It is always much more fun to work when you have sidekicks to help you pass the time until your project really starts to take shape. That was a great story, it goes to show you never know what to expect sometimes.

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