Monday, July 1, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along...Daughter's Playing Hooky...

So have you ever tried to go on vacation...
and still worked??

Yeah...that doesn't work out too well.

But it is what I am trying to do!

Last Monday, Tory, her hubby and baby dropped me off at the airport...

 I flew into Denver...
stayed the night with my folks,
who took me out to the Outback for my birthday dinner
and handed me a new Galaxy 3 Samsung phone
for a 'prezie'.

18 hours later they dropped me back off at the airport where I
flew into Bismark ND where the ole 
man who I hadn't seen in SIX months...
was waiting...
 Now that was a sweet moment!!
Onto my daughter Brooke's house...
where it was parade time,
Museum time with  the child who turned me into a grandma...
Doctor appointments, suicide rides down pool slides,
all the good stuff ya know...

Then the Guitar Man and I loaded up this grandson of ours
and headed down south to Boise...
where another whole brood awaited...
Daughter #2 is bringing grand baby #12
into the world,
hopefully this Saturday...
on my 51st Birthday!!!
We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning
for the scheduled C-Section.
And here she is with her precious little family:

All day long,
I've been trying to get at my daughter's sewing machine
to make this week's block.
But it is 
"Grandma this, and Grandma that,
Mom this and Mom that!"

I am lovin' every minute of it,
so please forgive me for the next few weeks while I am down here.
I'm going to help Ashley out for a few weeks to get her on her feet
after the surgery and help to take care of little baby
McCoy James Fisher.
I am going to do my best to get some blocks posted.
Maybe...just maybe I will get up before the household wakes 
in the morning...

Toodles my Understanding Guys and Gals!


  1. Family time is always first - enjoy!

  2. My goodness you are blessed! Happy Birthday.. I think year 50 must have been a fabulous year for you!!! Sending love and good wishes for all!

  3. Enjoy your family--blocks can wait, my dear!

  4. What a wonderful family you have. Hope all goes well with the new baby.. the blocks will wait!

  5. take a quilting break and spend as much time with all of your wonderful family members!

  6. Have fun with your kids and grands and enjoy the new little one!

  7. enjoy your "vacation" working as grand-ma!!! we can wait for the next blocks, but keep the stories coming, please!!

  8. Lovely grandchildren ,children and lovely new baby arriveing and not to forget hubby, A Lovely family. Lovely post. You are blessed.

  9. That is all terrific. You need that family fix. Give my best to Ashley. Can't wait to see more baby pictures :)

  10. What fun for you.....are you tired yet?