Monday, June 10, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along

Hi my Quilting Buds!!

I am sitting here sweating....
trying to get this block sewn for you all....
there are thunder storm and tornado warnings....
my a/c is out....
and I think I'm going to hang it all up and head down
to Clarksville to squeeze on that little boy of mine!

I've had 2 different companies out here to fix the a/c...
4 different appointments...
and the last appointment they blew the transformer.

So I hope once again you will forgive me
for not posting a block today!

I will try to get it posted this weekend some time.

(So sad face!)

Sorry gals!

Heading out....


  1. Go where's it cool and enjoy as many hugs as you can "squeeze" in :*D Sometimes, we just gotta "chill out" LOL!!!

  2. I think we will survive. You take care, girl!

  3. I hope they get it fixed for you soon. What a pain! Nothing worse than no air on a hot day!

  4. No find a cool spot....preferably with your sweet lil one...and relax! My gran (long gone) would say "if there's not another day coming we won't need it"....

    Blessings....hope you and yours stay safe....

  5. No problem....I am far behind anyway! Just have fun with that little one!

  6. Hope you got the ac fixed by now. I'm a little behind in reading. We were in Duluth, MN for a show last week. Heading to Chicago today. Stay safe. Seems like it's a bad tornado year. We just missed one in Wichita and went through OKC the day before the Moore tornado.