Thursday, July 12, 2012

Project Update!

Parisian Summer Final Border
This is what I've been up to the past few weeks.
Now I need to make 3 more to go on all sides of Parisian Summer
And as far as my 50th Year Project...
this is what the first week has been like.

First of all, I am amazed at what 'writing things down'
I have a journal my sister gave me for my birthday that I 
am recording two things in each night.
On the left hand side of the page I am writing down at least one thing I did nice for someone that day.
On the right hand side I am using it as my Gratitude Journal and am listing 5 things that I am grateful for that happened each day.
I have also been working on my Reading Lists.
I started this several years ago 
and truly it has changed my 'Reading Life' in a positive manner.
As I am reading a book,
if there are any references to a book the author has found uplifting or life changing,
it goes in my own "Reading List Journal".

And I always love going to the back of books and reading their
Recommended Reading Lists.
I add any books that look interesting to me.

Then I order these from the library.
I've been able to get 99% of these books from there.
I know to not put a title on the list that has a copyright date less than a year old.
They usually aren't at the library yet.

And then while reading these books
if I find a lot I want to underline in the book and mark it up in a 'John'aLee' kind of way,
I go order it online at Barnes and Noble.

This year I am adding 'audio' books to my list
as well as 'movies'.

Try it ladies....and let me know what you think.
This one thing over the last few years has brought great enjoyment to me.
I love creating the lists,
I love going through and picking a topic,
and then ordering just those books.
I love seeing the books that have changed other people's lives,
I love seeing the books that have helped an author to create 
their own book.

Now my other goals....
like writing 'my' book,
has not been very successful this week. 
I'm going to rectify that starting today!

It is softly raining outside,
I am alone,
I am headed out to my back stoop which is 3/4 covered,
and I am going to sit and read and write....

Thanks for popping in!



  1. You are off to a wonderful start! I keep a red journal in my purse where I write ideas, book titles, quotes, goals, and random notes... This practice helps keep me it together for when I sit down to write for real or I want to reference something! It really does help to ' WRITE IT DOWN'! XO

  2. LOVE that quilt, dear girl!!! And wow, you're going so well with your journaling. I stopped doing that years ago - my blog is my journal now, lol. Maybe because it hurts to write, but not to type? Or - maybe - just maybe- because I'm lazy!

  3. I love audio books so I can listen and sew at the same time. Writing things down is very helpful, but it has to be real writing, not typing writing. I don't write enough...

  4. Great idea about writing down what you did for people on a certain day and things you are grateful for. I always have a journal in my purse to write things down I want to do.
    I love to read books. I picked up the copy of Mary Jane's yesterday and read the article about you! Love it!

  5. A girl of many talents you are, I have a book for notes ,quotes and descriptive words or positive sentences and affirmations.It can get a little untidy but is motivating.
    Parisian summer is beautiful and the hexagon flower border is lovely.

  6. I love to write but my arthritis gets in the way of lengthy journaling. Even typing can be painful after a time. I have to find ways of coping while sewing as well. I love your "project" as you call it. Setting positive goals is a productive way to make wise use of our time. I don't know why I don't have your blog coming to me via email but I must rectify that ASAP!! Love reading about your journey. The Star quilts turned out beautiful!! I am so proud to have participated.
    Love you friend! We will meet one day soon!
    Gmama Jane