Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seeing I'm Turning 50 this week....we are having FREE SHIPPING over at The Scrappy Appleyard

It's my birthday week....
No wait....
seeing it's the big 50....
my birthday month.
(Friday...July 6th)

I just don't think my 'usual' week of celebrating is enough.

I know...
the fam thinks I'm crazy....
but every fam...
has to have one like me ya know!

We've even included Block of the Month sign-ups

You will save a whopping $38.50
by signing up this week and getting free shipping every month!

(Also the Block of the Month is available for Pattern Only each month at $8.99 a month
you can also just order individual block patterns too!)

The Guitar Man has also been busily loading Yard Cuts of Fabric

He put together two Black and White Whimsy Kits...
first come ..
first serve...

and some new
Meet Me In Paris Kits....

and of course....
if you  have been wanting to order
the Mylar Hexagons....

we have ALL sizes in stock right now while they last!!

Happy 4th of July!!

Stay safe tonight!!



  1. Have a very happy birthday John' aLee :-)

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  3. happy birthday..especially since it is the big 50!!!! half a century is certainly something to celebrate!

  4. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful week. I'll be joining you at 50 next March so I'll be waiting to hear what you've got up to in case I can borrow any of your ideas.
    Teresa x

  5. Happy Birthday!! 1962 was a very good year ;)

  6. Have a Very Happy 50th Birthday week of Celebrations to you. Congratulations on the magazine spread. I will be looking foreward to hearing about your new journey after 50.