Thursday, June 2, 2011

FINALLY!!! The Inner Workings of Buttercream Summer is Done!!

Okay Ladies....
You have been following me for almost a year now,
while I have been designing this quilt.

And finally,
the main part of the quilt is completed.
It will have one more large border
all the way around it
with embroidery...

When I took the last stitch this morning on
the burgundy border...
I was thinking about when I began this journey.
I had NO idea...
this quilt was going to end up like this!
So take it from me....
When you get a spark of inspiration...
go with it....
and ask for guidance.
I can't tell you 
the prayers,
the tears,
and the joys,
that were stitched into this quilt.

And all of you...
have made the journey even sweeter.
So thank you!

Now to finish 
the writing instructions.
It is one thing to make a quilt like this...
It is quite another to write the instructions...
so other people can make it too.

So off to Starbucks I go.
I'm going to need some caffeine for this one!
P.S......You should see what my studio looks like now! Frightful!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Congrats on finishing it.

  2. Stunning!! What an artist you are! I just love it!

  3. If I lived nearby, I would totally sit nearby and steal a peek of those instructions so I could get a head start on this lovely! (and I am not even that good at appliqué!) lol

    I do just love it and you at incenting me to practicethe appliqué so I can do this justice when the pattern I ready.


    ps- I have just gone with my instinct but can't say it turns out this well. Hehe

  4. It is gorgeous! Great job, and thanks for sharing your progress, it is inspiring!

  5. Stunning, you deserve multiple treat after this.

  6. You must be so excited!!! I know I am because I love this quilt so much and all I've had to do is sit back and enjoy the progress. I believe Congratulations are in order here...maybe even a standing ovation, LOL. Truly John 'aLee, it is breath taking and I can't wait to see the border. Yup, not bad for little Utah girl, LOL. I am so glad to see stitchery quilts coming alive here in the USA! It almost disappeared completely for a while...I remember about a year ago reading an article in a stitchery magazine saying "Embroidery is becoming a lost art in the US and Counted Cross Stitch has taken it's place." My hands no longer work well enough for counted cross stitch and I did a lot of it for years. )I still do the occasional small project, but no more big intricate work for these hands on tiny Aida) But I found when I had surgery and couldn't work at the sewing machine, that I was able to do stitchery (the simpler stitches) and I learned to do a blanket stitch for hand applique'. It is the only thing that has kept me sane over the last 7 months of surgery's. I turned to the wonderful Australian designers for stitchery quilt patterns and found a new love. Buttercream Summer fits that bill perfectly and it has been such a pleasure to watch you breath life into it. Thank you so much for sharing this adventure, I have enjoyed every step you have shown us. Big Hugs from another Utah girl!!!

  7. Stunning, breath taking, beautiful, John'aLee.

  8. Stunning! I love the checkered sashing too.

  9. Oh John'aLee! *insert BEAMING smile here!*

    Congratulations on (almost) finishing your beautiful quilt! A year well spent! I'm already thinking about what fabrics I'm going to use when I make it! Good luck with the pattern writing sweetheart; I am writing instructions at the moment too - would you like to share my pattern-writing-fairy? She sits on my shoulder telling me how WONDERFUL writing instructions is... and supplies me with coffee and chocolate on a regular basis!! (Oh okay - she tells me when I need to stock up again - I have to do the handy work myself!) :-)

    Big celebratory hugs sweetie!!
    Vikki xoxoxoxo

  10. Oh, I love this how this is turning out. Congratulations on designing such a work of art. I feel so lucky and honored to be the recipient of such a beautiful piece of art. I can't wait to see the borders. Thanks again for the generous giveaway that I won!

  11. It's fabulous, hon! And congrats! Oh how I hate pattern writing - wish I could send you some chocolate in sympathy!

  12. Your quilt looks fabulous. I especially love the flower panel at the bottom. I can't believe it's been a year. I would be so daunted at the thought of writing instructions after all that work!!
    Teresa x

  13. John'aLee,
    That is such a pretty quilt. You must be so relieved to have it almost done. What a joy to look at.

  14. I sat at starkbucks for over an hour waiting for you? A couple of times I thought it was you lol..
    well my dear, the quilt looks yummy, delicious did! love seeing the whole process...x

  15. Your quilt turned out lovely! Some things just take a while, don't they?

  16. I love it! All your hard work paid off! it is beautiful.

  17. So, sew pretty. Congratulations on a job well done.
    hugs, Miche'le

  18. Beautiful!! This is the most stunning quilt I have seen in a long time! I remember when I saw you in Knoxville last July and you had the first block completed. It meant so much to me when I received the block you dedicated to my Amber :) It was the most touching thing anyone could do for me :) Of course the quilt will always have a special place in my heart. I am still stitching on mine. I am looking forward to receiving the final pattern.
    Big Hugs,

  19. Wow, I am in awe of your blog and website. Thank you for the tutorial on S.M. Dee -

  20. Hi
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. Your quilt is beautiful!