Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do You Ever Have To Just Dive In and Clean Up Your Studio?

Am I the only one who sometimes
just can't take it anymore?

And has to take the time to get it all cleaned up...
before taking another stitch?
All the different pieces I have been working with to put Buttercream Summer together sorted out...
  Or maybe the rest of you just don't make a mess like I do in the first place!

The Final Sketch for Buttercream Summer up on Wall

And a little taste of what has been going on in this messy studio the past few weeks...

So please let me know....
Am I the only messy sewer out there???

And what do ya think of Buttercream Summer
in it's final stages before the last and final embroidered border?

Back to work gals...


  1. Oh no.....you can't have the corner market on that one....come take a look at my mess....I just think sewing and the mess appears.

    Love your pattern,

  2. Hey Girlie - since you're already in the 'cleaning zone' then would you please come clean my sewing room? Pretty please!

    Love what you're doing!!!

  3. I worked on mine the other day. Loving the look of the quilt!

  4. Your quilt is just beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, but do you have to make me feel guilty that my whole house looks like a fabric store exploded!!

  5. oh mine is just a messy when I am in the throws of a project. Once that project is completed I do clean up again before the next project comes along, otherwise it is too overwhelming. Buttercream Summer is just dreamy!

  6. I do love it!!
    ps...I can never reply to you when you comment on my blog. Your blogger email doesn't show up as no reply but it comes back to spam as being non-existent. Do you have me blocked? LOL.

    Nice to hear from you; hope you are well.

  7. Your quilt is looking beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. Oh gosh! I had to do that the weekend before last (sew that I could actually sew over the Memorial weekend)... the sad thing is... I was actually looking for a section of a quilt I lost and even though I cleaned... those pieces are still MIA!

  9. ps/at least yours is a pretty mess!!!

  10. ROFL!!! Oh, John'aLee, if you could only see my sewing space right now....talk about a mess! I was just saying to myself yesterday that I really, really need to get in there and get it cleaned up before I can make another thing. Sometimes you just can't function in a messy space! But you know what...I think the word "sewing" is synonymous with "mess"! :o)

    Love, love, love the Buttercream Summer. It is so happy and cheerful...those fabrics and designs just sing to me! :o)



  11. Not hardly are you a messy stitcher. I too have to clean up my area so inspiration and come in. Love your new project.

  12. Your quilts, needleworks...are ALL...ALWAYS amazing! So cute...so pretty!


  13. Oh my goodness, no! I am a messy sewer! First of all, I get started on one project and then get ideas and want to work on other things, which sometimes leads to me pulling out piles of fabric. Every so often I end up going into my sewing room and spending several hours in there re-organizing, cutting bigger scraps into smaller useable scraps, putting colors back together, etc...

  14. Last week my studio was horrible - it's a little better now - I can at least see my guest chair, and the fabrics on the shelves have been re-organized and labeled. There's still lots more fabric to organize, but it's at least liveable/workable now! So no, you're not alone!

    And Buttercream Summer looks awesome!

  15. I have to straighten mine up every time I sew before I turn of the lights and close the door...that way it is ready and waiting for my next sewing day. I even take the canned air to my bobbin case and under my presser plate before I shut down. Now, having said that, the one thing I don't do on a regular basis is vacuum the sewing room floor. THAT is what will eventually scream out at me. Oh, I leave the odd notions and tools laying on the table but the fabric all has to be picked up and the cutting mat wiped off, but that linty thread covered floor is, as I type this, screaming to be vacuumed, so perhaps if I ask hubby to carry the vacuum downstairs for me, I will get it taken care of. Or maybe it will be okay just one more day, LOL.

  16. OH, meant to tell you, that your Buttercream Summer is incredibly beautiful. I drool every time I look at it...i really can't afford all the napkins and tissues I've been using just because of my obsession with this quilt. Love it! Hugs...

  17. I love how Buttercream Summer is looking. I have been doing some rearranging in my quilting area and finding WIP that need finishing. I did finish up two projects this past weekend. Thanks for the peak at Buttercream Summer.

  18. Hello gorgeous!!! :-)

    Yes I am a messy gal! But like you, I crave tidiness and usually have a huge clean-up in between projects.

    Sweetie, I am so in love with your latest quilt design, I think it is the prettiest I've ever seen. Love it!!!!!

    Hugs darling!
    Vikki xoxoxooxox

  19. fabulous of course! talk about cleaning up, i have ripped out the stinky carpet and started painting our studio, its going to be a big job!

  20. Your work is amazing! I'm not a quilter (yet!) but my room is a mess! I've been trying to get it cleaned up but realised that I needed more storage - so this weekend I'll be at the shops doing some shopping!

  21. Oh my goodness, yes, of course I'm a messy sewer! There are times I am working on one project and get inspiration for another (or more!) and my room just 'explodes'! And every few months, I take several hours and just clean up, reorganize, and cut up big scraps into smaller scraps for my scrap bins of specific sizes!

  22. No you are not alone on this one! I too make a mess when I sew.
    My 'studio' is small and does not take long for it to become a non-inspiring mess when I am in get it done mode! Yes then time to dive in and CLEAN! Another beautiful design!! Sure will be a sell out!
    Thanks so much for remembering my grandson in your prayers!!

  23. No worries!
    I am in that state and mess whenever I finish or start a new project =^}
    And I envy your empty wall, as I have my 'studio' in the attic, no place to put anything on the wall. No wall, no glory!
    Lots of place to pile boxes under the slanted roof however, so most of the space is occupied by boxes, never to be seen because out of sight! That is the big issue over here, btw, out of sight, out of brain, out of memory. 8^p
    I feel rejuvenated though whenever pulling boxes to the front, memories from olden times resurfacing!
    Happy buttercreaming from Amsterdam!
    Love, Irene

  24. I love the checkerboard squares going around the blocks. Thanks for giving us a peek at the finishing of Buttercream Summer.

  25. Mine is always messy in the middle of a project, other than that, it's clean. It's my place to go to relax. =)

    Your work is so lovely...

  26. I don't make so much mess but that's because I don't get so much done as you. I think one goes with the other. And we can see that from your lovely work. I hope to make lots more mess sometime soon.
    Teresa x

  27. LOL, nope you aren't the only one to make a mess! I call it being creative. ;-) I love your mess!~ Your quilt is adorable! Happy stitchin'!

  28. I have to clean up after EVERY PROJECT - it's the only way to find my machine, table, and floor so I can start a new one. No, girl, you're not alone. This quilt is a stunner, no doubt about it, I think it looks perfectly wonderful!

  29. yep!! I am definitely a master at making a mess!!

  30. I'm loving the Buttercream Summer.

    I am a messy sewer but can't stand it quickly enough that I clean up usually every 2 weeks (a month at most). However, I need it all in my own space to stay neat and feel organized. Right now, I'm all out of sorts b/c I'm not making a space like that. I have a little corner in our rental house for pieceing and a touch of space in the basement for my frame. Fabric is still in boxes everywhere. I'm content to take my time and find a good home until I think about all my sewing/quilting stuff being everywhere in this house and then I get stressed and want desperately to organize it all!

  31. When I finish my 2 current projects my plan is to clean my quilting room. Mine looks much messier than yours. 4 year old Greatgranddaughter decided she wanted a button collection so on top of all the threads and scraps etc on the floor, there are also buttons.