Monday, February 21, 2011

A Meet Me In Paris Quilt
I made for my mom and dad's
50th wedding anniversary a few years ago.

Above is mom's guest room.
We stayed a quick night with them
on our way out of Denver.

Speaking of the Denver show....
what a nightmare...
We were in that bad storm...
creeping along the freeway 
at about 10-20 mph
all the way.
Causing us to be late for set up.
Poor Kenny Roy
only had 2 1/2 hours that night.
Thankfully it was only a single booth...

We were so glad to finally be done with that
and on our way to see the grand kids.

On the way out of Denver...
we usually stop here...
for some good grub.
I mean really???
How can you go wrong...
with a name like that?

Here we are just outside...

A quick stop at the bookstore...
And finally to grand kids house we go...
Grandma always has to put a curl in his hair ...
Some of you ask about Ashley...this pic shows how happy she is to be a mom to this lil boy...
The older kids playing drums...
That's all for today folks....
I'm off to the bookstore
for some R and R....


  1. I would also enjoy that restaurant ;)

  2. Love the quilt and so glad you got some grandma time!

  3. great pics...great curls and overall smiles...there is nothing quite as wonderful as family ...ohhh and the book selection not too bad your honey...

  4. Hi John'aLee... Lovely job on your parents quilt... Mine is in progress slowly... What lovely Grandchildren you have... They are such a joy in our life .... Looks like you had a great time with them... What wonderful things does the resturant serve... I would stop there too... Looks like you got some great books as well.... :)

  5. Oh my,
    I love all your work, but the quilt you made for your parents is to die for!!
    I was wondering if you had grandkids. Is there anything like that in the world?
    I don't think I've ever seen your booth at a Fla show. Do you ever plan to enter one here?

  6. O, how could I forget??? The grandkids are darling. Your honey looks like he's in heaven

  7. I love the quilt you made for your parents and glad you got to spend some time with them.
    Your grandkids are adorable!
    I really don't know how you made it through the snowstorm!
    I received my chair quilt block today ... it is adorable!

  8. It's my parents 50th this year but they won't be lucky enough to be getting such a fabulous quilt. We are, however, organising a surprise party for them.
    Your grandkids are great - I can't wait to be a grandma!
    Great books - The Bag Making Bible is on my wish list.
    Teresa x

  9. Rest for the weary travelers!
    Looks like heaven! Your work is just beautiful!
    thanks for sharing a " piece" of it here!
    Dandelion Wishes,

  10. beautiful must be very proud!!!

  11. What an amazing quilt you made for your parents! The fabrics are amazing. I'll bet there were so proud and felt so loved. Grandkid? Seriously you hardly look old enough to have them.

    What fun the books!!!