Friday, November 26, 2010

The Scene here....Friday after T Day

My sweet daughter in law...
made homemade waffles for breakfast...

 I didn't dare eat any.
I am nursing myself on organic apple juice
and distilled water with
organic raw apple cider vinegar..

My little grand baby boy
who is about 18 months...
keeps popping his head in here
bringing me things....
while I lay on a heating pad
nursing myself back to normal...

My two grand girls are here in the room with me...
watching a cartoon....
Melissa'a mom is in the kitchen...
making lefsa...
Ummm...smells soooo good!
But I don't dare.
Funny thought...
I've never tried lefsa.

The Guitar man went and picked up 
my oldest grandson
and took him to the Harry Potter movie...

we're waiting for him to come home...
and then hopefully
me and the girls will go and see

I asked them if just 'Pop' could take them...
seeing I am still 
under the weather...
"No way Jose'" was there response.

This Thanksgiving weekend
I am so thankful for so much.
First of all for God in my life....
and all that 'He' means to me...
my precious family and husband...
work that is creative and keeps me fulfilled...
and my special thankful thought 
for this year....
is that I have found out what
has been ailing me these last 18 years...
that no other doctor has picked up on.

I always try to find the 'blessing'
in the hard times.
This one wasn't hard to find.

So from bed....
I wish for all of you a wonderful
Thanksgiving weekend!



  1. Aw you poor thing - rest as much as you can - I'm keeping you in prayer. Let me know if Tangled was any good, I'd love to see it but I'll never get my boys there!

  2. Sorry to hear of your illness! Look after yourself & have it out when you will feel so much better!

  3. Hello John'aLee, I am soooooooooooo very sorry you are feeling poorly. I wish you to find a doctor who can diagnosis your problem and get you on the mend soon. Big Hugs Judy

  4. Sorry to hear you're sick! I glad you felt well enough to pop in my blog...I had been to your site via ??? I'll remember in a minute....and I spent a great deal of time perusing all your lovely quilting!
    However, I failed to bookmark it & then couldn't find you again the next day. I've GOT to reset my history so it doesn't delete after only one day. :/

    Anyway, thanks for becoming a follower...I will reciprocate the gesture!

    Feel better,

  5. You need to get your gall bladder removed. Sooner rather than later. Sheep's orders. =)

    Tried to cut my finger off last night with my rotary cutter. Wanna see pictures? *wink*

  6. I hope you begin to feel better soon! Take care of yourself and love those grandbabies!

  7. I had my gall bladder out a little over a year ago and it went just fine. I stayed overnight with hubby in motel and we drove to the ranch the next afternoon. I spent the morning at my daughter's while husband did errands, etc. It is just making up the mind to get it done. I feel soooo much better. I didn't even know that the "stitch" in my side that was constantly bugging me was my gall bladder! Take care of yourself!

  8. Get feeling your patterns..wish I had found your store in Utah be fore you moved to Tennessee

  9. 18 years is a loooong time to be suffering like that. I hope this will mean you can finally be free of pain. As busy as you were 'with' the problem, I can't imagine what you can do once it's gone!!
    Teresa x

  10. Better days are coming John'a. Tough stuff you're going through. Heart breaking really. Get better.