Monday, November 15, 2010

4th Mystery Block on the Drawing Table...

I've been playing around with some hexie's...
trying to figure out how to incorporate them
in this next Mystery Block of mine...
for the 4th block in the series...
Buttercream Summer.

Here are some sketches...

This block is going to be large and at the bottom of 
the quilt...
around 33" X 11"

The bottom hill part is going to be in fabric.

Here is the original 'rough' sketch...

 I will be working away on it...
so I can get it out to you sometime in the first part of 

Now I know you all must be wondering....
if I am still "HOMELESS"!?


The Guitar Man came through...
and found me a pad...

Here's my new house...

I took this picture this morning...
it was a foggy, cool, luscious Fall morn...

Here's a side view...
I'm in love with the large porch!'s time to trek it back across
the good 'ole US of A
to get our stuff.

We are trying to time it so we get back
there for Thanksgiving with the family...
but it means another week...
of no chairs...
one bed...
(that we actually went out and bought)
a few groceries...
and some cheap pots, pans, dishes
from Target to get by.

I never dreamed how much...
my 'stuff'
was a part of my world!

So since I can't actually do anything about the move...
I will sit and sew, sew, sew today!

I wanted to tell you about this 
Friday Night Sew In
I found here in Blog Land.
I don't know where I will be Friday night...
maybe in the car...
truckin' along.
But anyway...
I thought it might be fun to join up.
Go....HERE!!   If you want to join the fun!


  1. What a lovely house. Can't wait to see you turn it into your home :-)

  2. I love your house too! I know you will be thrilled to finally be settled before long.
    I adore the new block with the hexies. I received my sunflower on Saturday and I love it!

  3. just love your you are moving from the US to where? I am moving from Amerika Samoa to luck with your move.

    Love the flowers and what you have planned for them.

  4. Pretty designs and a pretty house! Glad to hear that you are not homeless any more. :-)

  5. Beautiful house!!

    I love your block with the hexie flowers. I love all the blocks that you have designed. CUTE!

  6. I too love porches! Looks like a fun house to get settled into.

  7. What a dream home! I can really imagine myself there with you stitching and chatting! Ohhh... Congrats, John'aLee, may this home be blessed!

  8. Your new place looks great! I love that it's set in grassland and is surrounded by trees.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the new hexie block - thank you for showing part of your design process. I would never think to draw an idea out first - I usually just launch into it and hope for the best!
    Teresa x

  9. Oh, what a lovely house it is, too! Cannot wait until you can make it into your HOME!

  10. *how* did i miss this post?!
    your new home is beautiful!!!
    so happy you'll have a home base
    and will be able to nest it up
    and make it yours. :o)