Thursday, November 18, 2010

A New Color Way for Mystery Block of the Month

Parisian Summer
 This color way is now available to sign up for.
The quilt will be just like Buttercream Summer...
only in different fabrics.
I had special requests from several customers
to make this up in a second colorway....
I've been working away at it.
Gotta keep those customers happy!

You can sign up for it on my website.
Ken is going to get me a link up today sometime.

Now to show you a little of our life...
as we work in a place with no furniture...
and only the stuff from our trailer
that we toodle around from show to show with!

Here  I've made myself a 'Makeshift Studio"
until my  'real' stuff gets here...
 Ya know....
a woman's gotta do...
what a woman's gotta do!

My sewing table is set up in front 
of the window
where on a clear day...
one can see the
Nashville skyline...
Too foggy today though...

Tory and Ken have set up a makeshift
work area in the family room
off of the kitchen...

T-Bug's hard at work...
filling hundreds of orders
from Quilt Festival
and PIQF...

She's making Black and White Whimsy Lane kits

For now...
the fireplace is the only 'seating' we have
except for 3 chairs...
Ken went and picked up.

He was thrilled with the chair he found for me...
I told him...
"Ken....this is a handicap shower chair!"

We brought in all of our 'show' tables...
so we'd have something to work on...
Fabrics I am using to design Buttercream Summer
I will be one blessed woman...
once I get my things...
and can properly set up shoppe!
But for now...
beggars can't be choosers!

Now to tell you about the 'people' in Nashville...
they can't be beat folks!

One sweet blogger who I happened upon in Blog Land...
 Confessions of a Fabric Addict!
Lives in Tennessee!

I emailed her...
and what a sweetie...
she gave me her phone number
and told me to call her when I got to town!

I did...
and I can't wait to meet her.

Make sure to check out her great blog.

She is involved in a Quilt Ministry

and has even invited me to come
and sew with her group!

She also gave me some ins and outs about

Like....this isn't East!

This is South!

They are not Easterners here...

They are Southerners...

I've been telling everyone that my dream
to move back East has finally come true.

I stand corrected!

I am now a Southerner...
And oh so proud of it!!

Can't wait to meet you Sarah!
Thanks so much for welcoming me
to your wonderful state!

The neighbors stopped in yesterday...
he is a TV producer
and his mom owns a hair salon
down the road.
She's in her 80's
and quite a hoot.
She lives behind us...
he lives beside us.

They were showing us where Lee Greenwood
used to live...
2 houses up from us...
and pointed out where 
songwriters live...
and other
'music wannabes'

I told them I'd bring them a fresh load
of bread
once I get moved in and can do some baking!

I am off to the sewing studio...
I must finish tracing this 4th block
in Buttercream Summer
so I can work on it while traveling.

I figure I have about 55 hours in the car
over the next week...
once we leave to head back to Utah
for a load....
and to meet up with family for Thanksgiving.

Just think of all the handwork I will get done!

If you didn't read my post yesterday...
here's another pic
of the other hand piece
I've been working on.
I've decided I am going to make this into 
a big quilt...

I will keep you updated on my progress!

I'm off to sew....


  1. My son was in Madison for 6 months and every time I visited him I loved the area. Madison is near Opryland. Enjoy your new digs. I know your Bernina is enjoying her new view :-) She might even start singing!

    (oh p.s. there was a very lovely quilt shop near Madison)

  2. Wow! You are getting things done! Even in the midst of all this moving, you are taking care of business. I hope you really enjoy your new home and surroundings. Blessings to you and safe travel!

  3. You are now a Southern Belle! We visit Nashville frequently ... love country music! We are making a trip in December to visit the newly reopened Opryland Hotel.
    You all are so productive and organized. I know you will be thrilled to finally be settled! Travel safely and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. You are definitely a focused woman - you sew girl. :-) Where there's a will there's a way!

    Beautiful eye candy.

  5. John'Alee, It is good to see what a great place you have. You, however, could make even a not so good place look good. You know you have that talent. I like the new colorway but I love the old one for your quilt. Travel safe.

  6. A quilter will find a way to work no matter what! Well done on your resourcefulness. I laughed about the shower chair - men eh!
    And trust the quilting community to welcome you to the area - a great way to get to know local people with the bonus being you have lots in common.
    Teresa x

  7. Hey girlfriend! So happy to see you have a home without wheels! Looks like a wonderful place too. I was hoping to see you when you come back to Panguitch to get your stuff but I'm in Indio now so will miss you. :( How exciting...a whole new adventure for you, but then you were never one to let the grass grow under your feet! Huggs to you, Ken & Tory too, Peg

  8. Oh, you have so much going on! Good luck with everything!