Monday, January 11, 2010

Its a great evening for quilting! I am determined to burn the midnight oil tonight and get rid of these winter blues that have been consuming me of late. There's nothing like diving in and just putting in some good ole hard work to pick up one's spirits. We leave for our Yuma Quilt Show in less than 2 weeks and I so want to have a new pattern for the ladies down there. So to the Quilting Studio I go!

The Irish Chain Quilt top I lost for 3 years but found after one of our moves. I am going to add to it and make it a king-size for our Master Bedroom. One of the all-time favorite quilts I have made.

Just some snapshots of my stash.

Some half square triangles I made up for the first project in my upcoming book proposal.

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  1. :) I like that irish chain too. Cute pic of Kiera and Pop. I posted that pic of Ryan in the golfer hat on my blog, I have it ready to send to you along with the pics of Ryan and Heston but I realized I didn't save your email address. See ya soon.