Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Panguitch. I've been in the studio working on my new applique project. I can't wait to get it finished to see what all of you awesome quilters out there think about it. I will be posting pictures of the work in progress this week!
This weekend was spent with my darling daughter-in-law and her three little ones. We were determined to get two little jackets made for the girls. But in between running around after them, snacks, tears, and the little one crying we weren't able to get them finished. However we did get them cut out, as well as the backing and batting. We finished assembling the front pieces and the back pieces. Mel courageously took them home to finish them. I felt bad that we didn't get more done on them, but as she was at the door leaving she told me the place she gets hung up is in the cutting out. So hopefully soon, I will be able to post pictures of the girls modeling their new fashion wares.For the time being, here are some pictures of us working in the studio, as well as the two little girls sewing and pinning their own creations.

In all fairness....they did watch cartoons in grandma's bed really well, while mom and grandma sewed!

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  1. you two look like you are having to much fun!! those jackets are too cute!!