Saturday, January 21, 2012

The New Studio Got Splashed With a Coat of Pink Paint Yesterday....

And I can't wait to fill it with all kinds of goodies...
By Sara Buursma on Pintinterest
By Sara Buursma on Pintinterest

This looks fun to make and easy!!

From Mabel and Lola
 Gotta have lots of Flowers....

Better Homes and

This is pretty much the color of the studio....and Guitar Man is okay with it! We're still married!
I have to find out where to get one of these. Any ideas?
Dreamy Whites
I'm going to paint the furniture in the studio this color to go up against the pink...
now to find some green cabinets....

Need your opinion!

Do you all like posts like this?

They take awhile to do...
to find all the pics,
credit the sources...

but I know I like them on other blogs.

Let me know girls!!

Off to sew....


  1. Oh my pink loving friend, I tried to leave a comment on your last post,and it would just freeze up, so, I just love the fabrics! Let me know when you have a scrap bag!!
    On to this post, yes, I love it and yes, a pink studio, your hubby sounds like my, he would not mind either. I cannot wait to see it!! Fun, Fun, Fun!

  2. Beautiful!

    I think I've seen rugs like that at Pottery Barn Kids

  3. Lovely!!! I love all the pics and the inspiration. The colors are gorgeous! I know you are excited about your first home in Nashville.

  4. Yes I quite like them, they also depress me though because my house isn't as nice ROFL.....I can dream though. Hugs x

  5. Oh my gosh, YES!!! I love posts like this. And your studio is going to be so ME...can I move in? LOL!!! It is going to be awesome, John'aLee!



  6. What a pretty post...I even found one of the things I might pin on my pinterest boards to do someday for my granddaughter!

  7. How beautiful! I've been playing on pinterest too!!!
    Sooo much lovely there!!
    Hey, girl... go check your email!I've invited you to be featured in the August/September MaryJanesFarm issue! Hurry... I'm waiting for you to reply with a big FAT YES!

  8. I love them, but even if I didn't, you put what you want on your blog!
    So many fun ideas!

  9. I do love them but.....I just enjoy your blog no matter what!!

  10. Great colors. There are so many clever people out there. Love the ideas.

  11. I love inspiration where ever I can get it and lately I have found a lot on Pintrest. For the cabinets maybe you could use a book shelf and add the doors. Not sure where you would get the doors, but if you have a handyman they might be able to figure it out. I really want to learn to do some woodworking so I can build all the things in my head!

  12. I do like posts like this - and you might try Home Goods up at Providence for the rug - they have some like that at times, and they are very reasonably priced for good quality rugs....

  13. How pretty and 'girly' your studio will be!

  14. Just 'perfect'...I so love that egg shell blue bookcase with cute as...
    happy decorating!
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  15. Fabulous inspiration. Your studio is going to look amazing. :)

  16. The chandelier is to die for! It's going to be fun seeing your new room being transformed. =)

  17. here are FREE plans for the cupboard you like with step by step directions and pictures to help. Give hubby a hammer or DIY.....she did! I hope it helps you. would love to see you have 1 to add to your studio.

  18. yes! I do like posts like this. :) Can't wait to see your new place. I may just have to figure out a way to come up. I might have to have to come up to drag my husband home. lol

  19. Thank you for joining Just Us Quilters.
    Would you kindly add the JUQ button to your blog-a requirement for the listing. Thanks! Grab the HTML now.

  20. Thank you for that lovely nice to meet you!

  21. Beautiful! Yes, this post is a feast for the eyes. Definitely worth the effort. I'm drooling... lol