Friday, October 14, 2011

Extended Deadline for Quilt Blocks (November 30th, 2011)

Hi ya'll!
Here is a picture of all the blocks I've received so far!
I had a hard time getting them all into one picture.
I figure I have enough blocks for 2 quilts...
so I still need blocks for 3 more quilts...
if any of you still want to send some,
but were afraid of the deadline.
I am extending it til November 31st!

I sure appreciate all of your help...
more than you know.

And if you would like to post again on your blog for our need,
I would so humbly appreciate it!

Here are the individual blocks
that have come in the last couple of weeks...
I too so appreciate the thread,
the book mark,
the labels,
the money,
and all the extra fabric everyone sent too.

Tory came home this weekend
to pick up all of Chris' stuff he was storing
here right before he deployed.

She has her good days and her bad...
Yesterday all of his boxes of stuff he had in Afghanistan
that was a hard one for her and his mom.

We took her down to the Nashville Farmer's Market...
Trying to be happy...
She went blonde...
I let her know what I thought about that!

Chris told her she had better have her
dark hair back when he returned.
I told her he's not going to be able to recognize
that blonde bombshell from heaven...
he'll think it has to be someone else!
(Didn't work! She's still blonde!)
Her and her daddy goofin' off
~She's like her mom....she LOVES Pumpkins~
~Me picking out peaches before they're all gone so I could make some freezer jam~

That's all for now folks...
You all are just the best!



  1. I had planned to ship tomorrow, but I'm going to make some more and send them all together in a week(ish). All those star blocks look wonderful all spread out.

  2. That is a big spread of blocks--but not big enough! I am writing up a post to go out tomorrow night and I will put out another call!

  3. Enjoyed the pictures and those blocks are just awesome!!

  4. Wow, all of those blocks are so awesome, John'aLee. There's a lot of love in blogland! I mailed mine today...hope you're not disappointed with them, they were my very first star blocks.

    Tory looks cute, but I do like her dark hair better! :o) She's a brave young woman, and I am still keeping her in my prayers!



  5. Amazing amount of stars ... but can and will help you with more ... your girl, blonde or not, is beautiful, also like her mama :) Enjoy your jam!! Hugs to you dear lady!

  6. Glad you extended the deadline. I am a bit behind in my sewing but I will get caught up.

  7. So pleased to see all those blocks (including the ones I sent you :o) They are going to make some stunning quilts!

    Extra hugs to Tory...sound like she's had a diffcult week.

  8. i like her blond hair! those quilt blocks are wonderful!

  9. I haven't sewed mine yet tho I promised to, and I will. I'm glad you extended the deadline, that helps. I've been busy with some stuff and have a note right on my sewing table to keep my reminded so I don't forget. Looks like you have some gorgeous blocks there already! Wow, what a great response.

  10. Together, they are gorgeous! So is your daughter! Thinking of you all ~

  11. What beautiful blocks! SO happy to see so many! Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for extending the deadline. :)
    I'm on Fall break with my kids.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Sending hugs!

  12. That is a LOT of blocks, but I'd love to see more - I just posted about it. Ah don't be too hard on Tory - I'm sure she needed the distraction of going blonde for awhile. Praying for all of you!

  13. I honestly didn't think I had the right colorway to make and send a block, but now that I see all of them, I can see I needn;t have worried about that! I see several different sizes in the mix. Can you e-mail me and tell me exactly what you are after? Thanks! ~karen

  14. they all look great, love all the blocks....

  15. How great to see the wonderful response you received in blocks! You could fill in some spots with big 9-patches, etc. just for fun. You still have a big job ahead of you. Tory looks good as a blond and I love the big pumpkin picture!

  16. It must be wonderful to look at all the blocks and think of all the generous people who have taken the time to sew and send them. Just looking at themlaid out like this, they are lovely, so I'm sure when they're made into quilts they will be even more fabulous.
    Teresa x

  17. I'm glad to hear that you've extended the deadline. We've been working cattle this month and I've only completed one block. Excited to see that I have time to send more! The blocks you've received are stunning and I hope that putting them together will be healing therapy. So nice to see y'all getting out a bit and pray that the good days will soon outweigh the bad. Hugs!

  18. I rec'd the sweetest thank you in the mail from you today. :-) (loved that stationary!!)

    You've received some beautiful blocks...I'll try and get some more to you soon!

  19. It was nice to see her smile...blonde or not. :)

  20. What a wonderful collection of blocks. I'm sEw glad to hear you have extended the deadline. I've got 6 pillowcases done and 2 12 1/2" blocks finished. I'll be making 6 blocks. Let me know if you have a preference....12 1/2" or 8 1/2" unfinished blocks for the other 4 blocks....I haven't started them yet...I got some scrapes of Prairie Paisley II from Laurie (Minick and Simpson), Laurie was having a giveaway. With the rest of the scraps I'm going to make a QOV string quilt, maybe 2. I've been working on Ghastlie projects for Mme Samm's new campaign. Keeping busy for sure! As life goes on...I hope all your days are happy ones...(o:

  21. When I saw the photos of all the blocks all I could think of was "WOW"

    What awesome photos they are.

  22. From Australia: It was a pleasure to help.Thank you for the kind return email of thanks.The blocks look awesome set out together.