Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Latest Block in Mystery Quilt!

True Friendship Never Ends
I am only home for a few hours...
but just had to post a picture of the latest block
Buttercream Summer!
I may be cutting out the bottom left hand
so thus there is no hand embroidery there...
but this could change.
I will figure it all out
after next month's block...
when it all HAS to come 

Here are a few close-ups...
We pulled in late last night from Maryland...
and have to leave real early
for Florida in the morning.

But I just wanted to say
I have missed reading all of your blogs...
I have hardly turned on the computer.

Life will slow down.
It has too.

Here are  a few pics of 
the quilts at the Maryland show...

Running on steam....


  1. the flower and wonderful saying on your latest mystery block...apple-icious!!

    thanks also, for sharing some of the quilt show. it's always a treat to enjoy quilt pictures!


  2. Oh my I love your block...so very pretty. Hugs and safe travels.

  3. Your block is out of this world...just love it, thanks for the other pictures as well.

  4. John'aLee Hello!
    What a beautiful thing I see here. As whim!
    And his willingness to run from fair to fair.
    But no wonder, people need to see your gear. need to learn from you.
    Congratulations dear.
    Much success in your life and health. You moved me with their stories and their art.
    It was a joy to see your entire layout on the blog. Who sees your magnificent work, surely you can see the purity in your soul.
    A big hug!

  5. Beautiful block. And thanks for sharing the quilt pictures. The blue and yellow one is absolutely vibrant!

  6. What a unique way to use a Dresden Plate style block.

  7. You need an iPad so you can keep up with all your blog buddies! We miss you - safe travels!!

  8. I am really loving your BOM's each one beautiful and unique.

  9. Hi John'aLee, I am all over your new addition- it is striking and the message is there...true friendship never fails is sew true....this is a wonderful block ...or rather side of quilt...it seems very large..lol it is going to be a striking quilt...

  10. I love this block! I might have to take up quilting my friend! Your designs are so fresh and whimsical! I love them!

  11. Coffee up, girl....your new block is simply scrumptious! Enjoy FL if you can, soak up a bit of sun on the trips to the car and back. Praying for you!

  12. I certainly never thought you lead a 'glamorous' life but I can see why people got the wrong idea if they saw you at a show and not all that goes on before and after. Like you, I'm getting behind on catching up with blog reading but for different reasons. Don't know if I will ever catch up and may have to just skip some. I have been picking out the ones I like to read the most though :-)
    Teresa x

  13. Love the new quilt block!

  14. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for the lovely comment you left on Stash Manicure for me. I'm glad you liked the technique :o)

    Just love your Buttercream Summer block...so pretty with the flower and all! ;O)

  15. I love your Buttercream Summer block. How unique. And now back to Stash manicure.