Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When "Quilters" keep you going....

I'm happily working on the next
for Parisian Summer.
Oh ...
I can't wait to get it done~
For those of you who haven't used
Transfer Eze
This is what it looks like.
You feed the paper through a copy machine,
copy your embroidery design on to it,
peel off the back....
and it is sticky so you can just
adhere it to the fabric...
then start hand embroidering through it.
I probably would have given up
on hand embroidery
if it wasn't for this stuff.

A few more close-ups of this block...
 We had such an amazing show in Ft Lauderdale Florida!

You know...
after running 30 days straight 
with no break...
a gal gets a little weary.

But the people at this show...
pulled me right up and out!

They thanked us over and over for 'adding'
to their show...
gushed over the booth...
(which in all reality was very
low on inventory...
we were actually embarrassed)
and one lady went as far 
as telling us that in the 10 years
that she has worked the show
she has never seen such an
incredible booth.

I can't begin to tell you
how a few kind words...
uplifted my spirit and soul.

Oh yes...
and I met one of my Bloggie Friends....
Sweet Linda at
What a doll she was!!
Make sure to check out her blog above.

So here are pics of the booth...
which I might add....
Ken set up ALL by himself!!
(I sat out by the pool at the hotel
drawing the next block
for Buttercream Summer)
I know...we are looking a little worn and weary around the edges...
New Meet Me In Paris Kits

This is what it looks like around the shoppe...
while assembling Block of the Month's

Yesterday while out stocking up
more inventory...
I talked the Guitar Man
into taking me out for tea...

He wasn't too hip on the idea...
but did oblige...
The shoppe was so quaint and inviting...
Loved these little note cards with a teabag in them...
Guitar Man checking us out...
And finally....
a picture of Spring...
God's handiwork cannot be beat!
So it is off to Indiana tomorrow~~

Happy Quilting to all of you out there!

It is 'you' my customers 
and bloggie friends...
who keep me inspired
and uplifted!
So a big hearty thank you
from little ole me....


  1. How fun! I love the tea cup cards too! ANd it looked like a fun trip even if you did work too!

  2. I am SO glad that you were able to have Tea! What a wonderfully refreshing way to welcome Spring :-)

  3. Your new block looks great, I think I have to get some of that Transfer Eze. Your booth looks wonderful hon, I'm not surprised everyone loved it! And no you two do NOT look weary, you look mah-vel-ous, dah-ling!

  4. That paper is a grand idea....

    Love love love your booths, I can never see enough pictures. Your quilts are fun...I can see why everyone loves it when you come to their shows.

  5. That Transfer Eze looks like useful stuff!
    I don't know about you looking jaded but I think your lilac dress is lovely.
    Yet again, your booth looks wonderful but always different. You deserve a break for a cup of tea - thank you for giving us a peek at the cute little shop!
    Teresa x

  6. The pictures all show amazing thought and talent.

    I have not heard of the Transfer Eze yet. It sounds interesting.

  7. I am going to have to google that paper because I currently feed my fabric through the printer which sometimes is more trouble than it's worth. Does it rip off easily without tearing threads...or does it wash off?

  8. I'm with Barb, I love, love, love your booths. They always put a smile on my face. I'd love to visit one of your shows. Ever thought of coming to Canada. Hugs

  9. You keep me inspired! Your booth is always so lovely. I could just look at it all day!
    I received my latest block this week and love it too! This is going to be an outstanding quilt!
    I just bought some Transfer-Ez the other day!
    Will you be in Knoxville for the AQS show I think it is in July?

  10. Your booth looks fabulous. I've heard about Transfer-Ez, but haven't tried it, don't think it's in Canada yet. I'll have to order some when you get it in your shop. Hope you're able to have a relaxing weekend.

  11. Love your blog - thank you for all the work you do to communicate with everyone. Your husband did an amazing job on the booth - just showed my husband the pics. I am very excited about the embroidery product you showed us - transfer eze and can't wait to use it. I have just started a blog of my own and would like to put it on my blog in case anyone ever reads it - haha.

  12. Hi there!
    girl you are so talented! I love your designs...Will you ever do a show in Massachusetts? Would love to stop by and see your beautiful work in person! The tea shop looks lovely!
    Happy Travels,

  13. Thatnks for the inspiration and dedication. I love the photos. I found your blog through stash manicure and am now going back and reading your posts. Instead of sleeping. LOL

  14. Wow from a fellow Tennessian....I came over here from Madame Samms and I have to remember to thank her for having you. Your blog is wonderful and your quilts are gorgeous...Please add me to your list of blogger friends because I will be back many times....Love the buttercream summer..

  15. Would LOVE to win your Stash manicure gift. I think your work is so lovely. Carol,

  16. Visiting after seeing your post on Stash Manicure. I like the Parisian Summer. Admire your work. Thank you for the opportunity to try for your Block of the Month kit offer.

  17. I love all things quilty but that picture of spring could not be beat!!!! Just waiting for it here in Minnesota! I looked at Transfer eze last week but didn't buy it. I've embroidered for years and wasn't sure it was for me. I suppose I should buy some and try it! :-)

  18. Saw your blog on Stash Manicure. I have the Transfer-Ez but haven't tried it yet.

  19. I am so glad Stash Manicure featured you. You are so very, very talented. I look forward to seeing your absolutely beautiful blog and designs. You Butter Cream designs are so adorable. Love it all!

  20. Good Morning sweetie...thought I would tuck myself into this fold and let you now ...I know it is not an easy life being on the road but the loveliness of you left behind in sew many hearts tells me that John'aLee will never be forgotten...what more of legacy could you possibly ever leave behind...stitch away your threads into our is a warm place I am just saying xx

  21. Your work is so original. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures.

  22. Congratulations on a beautiful booth at the show and on Parisian Summer. I checked out your posts about the blocks, and I like the kit more and more. I'll add the feed to your blog to Google Reader and come back all the time to follow you.
    Glad I met you at Stash Manicure today.

  23. As a member of both the Embroiderer's Guild of America and the Creative Quilter's of Southern Kentucky I applaud your combination of the two techniques! The embroidery adds so much to the already beautiful applique.

    Looking forward to new patterns and ideas from you!

  24. Hi
    thank you for your kind comments.
    Blogging friends, if you ever get to see her booth, run to it. it's wonderful!
    I'm so glad we met,