Monday, February 24, 2014

Tory's New LIttle Baby Boy is Here~

Kooper Dean Foutch arrived at 8:22 tonight, weighing 8 lbs 2 oz!
Grand Baby #13
I'm so glad he is here safe and sound.

I told Tory while she was in labor that her hubby and I couldn't take 
much more of this.

And she retorted,
"Oh I am just soooo sorry for you two!
I just don't  know how you guys are  going to be able to do this!!"

I had to laugh!
Even in great pain, that kid can split my sides!

Once again it took my breath away
to see a new little soul being born into this world.

Thank you Lord for bringing him safely here.
May his life be blessed!

Gotta get some sleep,

before I take big brother Kash to see him in the morning...
 Photo: Our night with this lil guy  had been a success... He's fast asleep as he should be after all that runnin around he did! LOL oh, and Skout is the most jealous doggy there is... LoL Love Kash! He was so curious about everything. He now has a new baby brother we get to meet tomorrow! Wooohooo! Congrats to my bestieee! : )


  1. Congratulations John'aLee on the arrival of Kooper. He is such a wee poppet. I can't believe that this is grandbaby #13, wow.

  2. Grandma looks pretty proud!!
    Congrats on the safe arrival of this precious little one! : )

  3. Congratulations to you all. What a little cutie he is. So is his big brother!

  4. congratulations to all of you! what a little miracle!

  5. Congratulations! I can't believe you have so many grandchildren and I don't have any :(! You don't look old enough.

  6. Congratulations on Kooper's birth! Tory must be a special girl if she can joke at a time like that!

  7. Congratulations! He is adorable and such a blessing.

  8. Oh so sweet and adorable. Congratulations to the grandma and the parents.

  9. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.netFebruary 26, 2014 at 12:40 PM

    Congratulations! Having just moved from IL to Tuscaloosa, I noticed his hat right away:)

  10. Such wonderful news! Congratulations to everyone!

  11. How wonderful! What a blessing! You have 13??? Oh, my! If only! I'll be luck to get more than the 2 we have been blessed with.
    God bless your family, how excellent you can be together.

  12. A wonderful blessing--truly a gift from God. Enjoy every precious moment--he's beautiful!

  13. Congratulations on the arrival of your newest blessing! What a beautiful addition to the adventure lies ahead...treasure them all.

  14. Congratulations to all! He's so cute. No 13 - that's amazing. I'm waiting for no. 1 now that J is married (not that I'm trying to rush them into anything).
    Teresa x

  15. how wonderful....and he is gorgeous and your other wee certainly looks beautiful for you all