Monday, August 5, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along (Week 24) Work, Work, Work Block
I left my good camera in my Auntie's car in Idaho, and it was supposed
to be here by FedEx today ...but didn't come.
So I've been trying to transfer pics from this new fangled phone of mine!

So as of now, I have 5 different 'draft' posts going....
with one pic in each...
and can't figure out how to transfer them.

How can a 'Smart' phone...
make one feel so very, very DUMB!!

I was determined to get The Rancher's Daughter post done today!
On Time!

I will tell you why I call this block, "Work, Work, Work!"

I ended up at the Pain Clinic today.'s something I don't like to talk about.
I have some severe back issues that have taken me off the 'show' road this last year,
and the time has come where I am going to have to do something about it.

So I'm sitting there waiting for the doc.
Wondering what 'story' to tell for today's block.

And the memory of the time I broke my knuckle came back to me.

I was probably around 13.
I was at home.
Just waiting to go to Wednesday night Bible Study.
The phone rang.
And rang, and rang...and rang.
Nobody would answer it.

So I came flying out of my room,
ran into the guest room where 'a' phone was
and somehow hit my knuckle just right on the huge wooden door,
breaking it.
I look down and my 4th finger is sticking out at a 90 degree angle underneath my pinkie finger.
Mercy, did I cry.

Mom came running.
Took me to the ER...
The Rancher took the rest of the family to church.
Now we didn't miss church for anything!
So I was feeling pretty special.

I felt even more special when the doc said I couldn't do anything for awhile,
until I healed up.
He had bound my hand all up nice and tidy,
and with glee, the next morning at the breakfast table,
I told the mean 'ole Rancher that I couldn't do any work for awhile.
Note: Remember the post about The Rancher believing in WORK!

"Hmmm..." the Rancher contemplates...
"Looks to me like you still have one good hand...
I want you to go grab a hose, and water all the trees around the house."
We're talking 50 TREES!!
I couldn't believe my ears!!

Yep....I watered the trees.

That 'ole Rancher man!
Did he ever teach us to 'Grin and Bear It'!!
Yep...upside down!

Okay...block time.

Cutting Instructions
(A) Cut 9  2½" X 2½" Squares (Red)
(B) Cut (9) 2½" X 2½" Squares (Yellow)

Make (9) A/B Half Square Triangles using the two fabrics.

Line up block as in diagram.

Stitch horizontal rows together.
Stitch Vertical rows together. 

So there you have it.

Pain and all....
I still managed to get it done!

That ole man of mine, gave me a gift back then...
although I sure didn't look at it that way as a kid.

I don't know where I would be today, if I hadn't learned to just keep on going,
through adversity and all.

Keep on...keeping on my friends!!

With Love and Affection...


  1. Sorry about your back troubles. Hope you can get some help.
    Thanks for the block!
    Can't believe all of your life stories! My life has been boring in comparison. : )

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your back trouble and hope you can get some relief from it.
    Your childhood story really is a good lesson to us all.
    Teresa x