Monday, April 22, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along (Twisted Friendship Block Tutorial) Week16

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm doing a happy dance over here.
My girlfriend is flying in to see me today and we are headed down to Paducah
for the quilt show!

(Ha! Gotcha!! Now it's 9:36 p.m. my time and this blog post still isn't done! I'm gonna have to blame it on Nancy! We were out gallivanting around, walking down by the Cumberland River where the deer were know...doin' what girlfriends do!)

But now, down to business....
I thought I'd tell you about my young friend that helped me rescue my pig
when we were kids.
Her name was Angie.
She was red headed full of freckles, and oh how I loved my friend.
She was in the 'popular' group at school, so to speak,
on the swim team, smart, smart, smart, etc.

We were inseparable. Never had a fight.
But one day in the 7th grade, she told me she never wanted to speak to me again.
Now she spent almost every weekend at the ranch with us,
went to church with us, was truly part of our family,
so this was devastating for me.

I tried to ask her why and she just said she didn't want to speak to me.

So I was pretty miserable the rest of my junior high years.
Walked around like I had a 'mark' on me.
Of course I was too young to understand it probably didn't have
anything to do with me, but that something else was going on in her life.

In our  high school years she moved to Iowa so that made things easier for me.
But one day after I was married, years later,
my then husband was working down at the Thermal, CA  airport and wastelling me about another employee named Hans Green.
I told him to ask him if he had a sister named Angie.
He did!!
And one night while he was talking to him, I asked if Angie would get on the phone.
Imagine my surprise when she did.
She talked like nothing ever happened. I just let it be, still wondering what happened,
all those years ago.

A few years after that, I heard that she committed suicide. It hit me below the gut. You know how we always wonder if there was something we could have done.
And not until just a month ago did I find out 'why'. If there is ever truly a 'why' to suicide.
She found out she had a brain tumor. Her dad was a doctor and they knew what was 'ahead' so to speak.

So here I am 50 years old, and finally a little light shines on to some
devastating event in childhood.

 I am dedicating to this block to her. Angie. Angie Green!

Cutting Instructions
A Cut (8) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Green/White Print)
B Cut (16) 1½ X 1½ Squares (White Print)
C Cut (12) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Yellow Check)
D Cut (1) 2½" X 2½" Square (Red Focal Print)
E Cut (8) 1½" X 1½" Squares (Red Tone on Tone)

Make 4 C/B HST Units
 Make 4 E/C HST Units

Make 4 B/E HST Units
Layout Block

  Wherever you can, stitch 2 squares together:
 Sew units together:
 Complete block:
 Ahh....still made it under the deadline....

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Quite a story!
    Great block. I am falling behind, but plan to work on it when I go sew with my Mom later this week!
    Have some great girlfriend time!

  2. that's a beautiful block, but the story is so sad, such a waste of life!

  3. What a lovely block...for a lovely lady!! So sad...
    Big hug!

  4. Oh! I love this block. Super cute.

  5. What a beautiful block! LOVE it!

  6. Such a pretty block. Enjoy your time in Paducah.