Monday, March 4, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along (Block 9 Courthouse Steps Tutorial)

A Happy Monday to Everyone out there in Blog Land
this morning!

Time to stitch, stitch, stitch...
 Here's my story for  today ladies!
Hope you enjoy....

There was a boy.

There was a girl. 
Yep. Me. The Rancher's Daughter.

This boy, my oh my, the girl thought the sun rose and set in him.
He was oh so debonair and too handsome for his own good.
Jet black hair, disarming blue eyes that pierced into a gal's soul.
At church he sung those ole Gospel hymns, harmonizing with the best of them,  and his voice made it sound as if 
angels were among us.
On top of that this boy, guitar in hand
a twinkle in his eye,
 would grab the girl and run her down to the Rancher's pond.
He'd gingerly help her in the canoe, push off from the edge
and in between fits of rowing,
the serenading began. 

Unbeknownst to the Rancher, the boy was coming to the girl's
window early in the morning with coffee and doughnuts.
The boy lived in one of the cowboy trailers at the end corner of the spread.
He worked for the Rancher. Not on the ranch,
but down at the airport where the Rancher housed his plane
and had a prefab business going in a big  empty hanger he had leased out.
(I should've was the plane he was after!)

The girl worked there as a secretary.
The Rancher started his kids employment at age 10.
Yep! Big ole secretaries at the age of 10.
He believed in work!
"You don't work, you don't eat" was one of the Rancher's most popular sayings.

The boy, wasn't treating the girl right.
The Rancher had a fit and informed his offspring,
it was time to call it quits.

The girl was heartbroken. This was her true love.
The Rancher just didn't understand.
The Rancher didn't budge.
The girl broke up with the boy.
The boy didn't like this. This had never happened to him before.

Weeks later, the boy told the girl he had to take her out to talk to her.
The girl plead before her father.
The Rancher finally consented. Dinner and right back home!

The boy, the girl....they came back...
Oh that  Rancher was not a happy man that night.
Had never seen him speechless before.

And to make a long story short.

The girl, the boy...they wed.

They had four of their own little offspring.

The boy found greener pastures.
Left the girl with the four little ones, aged 10, 8, 4 and 3
and headed out with his secretary.

It was a long time before the girl ever walked up those Courthouse Steps again!

Rancher 1
Rancher's Daughter 0

"Man I hate it when he's right!"

And here's the block to honor this oh so delightful story!! Ha!
Courthouse Steps
 A  (9) 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" White Squares
B (25) 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" Red Squares
C (6) 1 1/2" Green Squares

Baby Kash is with me in the studio today. He's watching cartoons. Turned 3 months yesterday!

 Layout block with all the squares:

Sew 8 A/B's together
Sew 6 B/B's together
Sew an  A to a  B/C (HST)
 Sew a B/C (HST) to a C
Sew a C to a C/B (HST)
Sew a C/B (HST) to a B
(You could just lay this all out on your drawing and place in rows and just sew each piece together like I've shown you in other blocks if this is too confusing.) 

Sew Rows 1 and 2 together (Vertical Rows)

Sew Rows 3 and 4 together (Vertical Rows)
Sew Rows 5 and 6 together (Vertical Rows) 

This time I didn't cut each of these  rows apart. I just kept the first set together, sewed the 3/4 rows to that,
and then rows 5/6 together. Saved time. 
  And I could press the rows all one way to the right,
and then the next to the left, etc,
so they nestled together when I sewed the horizontal rows together.
   And yep!! Another block completed!!

Thanks so  much for joining in!

I'm going to pick a winner through the Random Generator tomorrow for my Giveaway!
Good Luck ya'll!

  P.S. Hope there's no mistakes in this today. Been kind of preoccupied with this little bundle....


  1. And now all of those offspring are married. Glad I got one of ours as my husband!! He's a good one. :D Love and miss ya!

  2. Quite a story, John'aLee!
    Boy, I need to get February's blocks made! I knew I was going to have trouble keeping up. : )

  3. Dear sweet friend,

    I love what a great story teller you are - and how there is never any bitterness in you from past hurts. You are an amazing example.

    Okay, well time to admit that I have not sewn any more blocks.... on hold because I am working in the house about 10 hours a day and too exhausted at night! :-) But, I'll get back to it I promise and catch up!!!

    Loads of love,


  4. Oh, and that baby is the sweetest most darling little guy. I need to see him in person! :-)

  5. Oh, dear! We really just do not like listening to our folks when they know best, eh? ;D I really struggle right now sometimes, biting my tongue, when our young-adult children don't want to hear input about big red flags they're chasing after! lol Turn-Turn-Turn