Monday, February 4, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along Block 5 (Nancy's Friendship Block Tutorial)

It's time to show you how to do another block for
Nancy's Friendship Block

If you look close you can see that is 4 little friendship blocks!

Many years ago Nancy and I met at a women's bible study when
we both lived in a little po' dunk town an hour outside of Las Vegas.
We both had mini farms....goats, chickens, gardens,
we both milked goats, gathered eggs
and came into each others lives when we both really needed a good friend.

Today she still tops the list on my friendships.
My best girlfriend, the one I turn to when I need a prayer warrior...
or a shoulder to cry on.
No amount of words could ever express what she means to me.
Do you all know what I'm talking about??
Here's Nanc playing with my grand kids at her house!
I remember walking into her kitchen this would have been like 13 years ago,
and she said, "Check this out John'aLee. I've learned a new block!"
(It was the Friendship Block)

We were both just getting into quilting...
and thus began our weekly Quilt Nights were several of us ladies would take turns hosting the night, do all the cooking and all we had to do was come and sew. Sweet memories.
If you don't have a group like this, I encourage you to start one.
And hint....hint, I'm wanting to start one here in Nashville if anyone is interested.

So the block!
It has 52 1 1/2" Squares!!
But don't be afraid!
It's really not that hard,
with the system I have to show you.

Now I always draft my block out on graph paper so I have a guide to go by.
And I color in the squares or triangles where I want a dark or medium
leaving  the ones blank where white or a lighter color will go so I can get a handle on the arrangement I want to do.
You can see my 'key' below.
I then start playing with fabrics and mark them before I began cutting pieces.

Your Cutting Directions: 
All pieces are cut 1 1/2" X 1 1/2"
A Cut (2) Red Print with White Background
B Cut (8) Green Print
C Cut (8) Dark Red
D Cut (8) Red Print with White background 
E Cut (2) Red and Green Print with White Background
F Cut (8) Green Print
G Cut (8) Dark Red 
H Cut (8) Red Print with White Background  

I then lay them out beside the letter they coordinate with on my key:
When it has a lot of pieces, I put post it notes on it so I won't get confused. Especially with the small pieces:
First make all of your half square triangles:
 All (8) C/D Half Square Triangle Units
All  (8) H/G Half Square Triangle Units
 Next step is to take a blank piece of paper and lay the whole block out, 
being very careful that everything is pointing in the right direction
and write the Row Numbers at the top. This will really help!
Sew Row 1 to Row 2

Sew Row 3 to Row 4
Sew Row 5 to Row 6

 Sew Row 1/2 Units  to Row 3/4 Units
Sew Row 5/6 Units  to Row 3/4 Units

Now I'm going to show you my set up by the machine to help  me keep it straight:
 Now sew the 3 sets of rows together and your block is complete!
So what do you think of the block ladies?

And are any of you blessed like me to have 
a friend like Nancy in your life??

It sure does make life's journey sweeter!
Love ya Nanc!

I've got to get Block of the Months out today...
make soup and homemade bread for my elderly neighbors...
so I'd better get a hoppin'!

P.S. Make sure to share the blog button on your blog!
I sure do appreciate it.
Let's get as many of our quilting buds that we can to join in!
Also, I've decided to do a Linky Party once a month.
What's your take on that too gals?    


  1. Four friendships on a 1" square scale put together for a block - love it! :)

  2. I guarantee you this block is going to be a challenge for me!!! :-) I think the monthly linky party is perfect.... then we each would have four squares to show off. Excellent idea! Thanks for doing this John'aLee - I'm really enjoying it!

  3. I MISS those quilt night soooo much!!! (I'm just about bawling right now.) I'm going to go start this block right now. :) that will make me feels better. Love you <3

  4. Wonderful block! It will be a challenge, but worth it! Can we link to our Flickr accounts if we don't have a blog?

  5. wonderful block! it will be a challenge but worth the effort. Can we link to our Flickr account if we don't have a blog?

  6. I agree Nancy is such an amazing friend. I have been blessed by her in many bible studies we have attended together & she has been so great to start teaching me to quilt. I have a long ways to go but she is such a great teacher! A great mentor in so many ways!

  7. Oh! Lovely block, but tiny pieces! Well what kind of ranch gal would I be if I weren't up for the challenge?! Stephen Curtis Chapman's Song, :Saddle up Your Horses just came to mind. LOL