Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snuggling Into the Holiday Season...

Photo courtesy of
Lovin' Fall 
over here at  home of
The Scrappy Appleyard!

The Guitar Man has been waking me up every morning with a roaring fire....
and a 
hot steaming cup of mocha. I wish I had an outdoor fireplace like this!
Oh...and long Sunday Afternoon Country Drives....
Picin' up new ideas....
Loved this idea for displaying one's house number for new guests at Thanksgiving!
A pumpkin in a pair of women's tights...
Ahhh.....lovin' my pumpkins! What a neat display!
 Okay....enough of Pinterest!

Reality bites...and sets in....

I have to clean up the 'fireplace' mess the hubby also created!
I have to bake pies for dinner at a friend's house tomorrow after church...
(Or some kind of dessert...)
Clean house, make menus for next week, hit Whole Foods...
and hopefully....
start on some sewing projects for Christmas!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Fall season!

 P.S.    The Winners of the Meet Me In Paris Patterns are as follows:
Heather K
Christine M.

I have emailed you all. Please send me your address and I will get the patterns out to you next week....
and Congratulations!!


  1. Sounds wonderful... and romantic... you go girl!

  2. I am relishing Fall as well. As much as I love the Christmas season, I'm not quite ready for Fall to end. Lovely pics you have shared--wouldn't that fireplace be great?!?

  3. I love the photos that you got from Pinterest. They show the best of the fall season.
    I got your email. Whoppee! I love the pattern and can't wait to start. It is approaching winter and what a good time to sit in front of the fireplace and sew.

  4. Ah one can dream, can't one. But that return to reality really stinks sometimes.

  5. WHAT a really nice surprise!!! I thought you had quit blogging for awhile because I had set it to be notified. I just got back from my mother's, as she just got out of the hospital and rehab - I opened my email this morning and wow..... I got one email with about 25 posts in it! I had a good time reading them, but I am saddened that I didn't know some of the things going on and had not commented. So happy to see you are blogging again, and that maybe I just need to go to your blog instead of waiting for an email to pop thru.
    I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. Glad to see you on here and your photos are great love to have that fire place .I think you are going to be a busy girl before Christmas. I will be also and don't seem to get on here as much lately. Hope all is well and Happy Thanksgiving to you all .

  7. Great pumpkin pics!! I'm loving the one in tights! Hating the dark, dull, wet weather we're having over here at the moment though.
    Teresa x

  8. So glad to hear from you...we still need to meet -up!! I'm not going to let you out of this!! You've had quite a year or so and hopefully things are going to settle down. Have you considered being a vendor at the Pigeon Forge Mountain Quilt Fest in march?? It would be a great place to meet and a close venue for you to show your wares!! Thaink about it!
    Gmama Jane