Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exciting News!

I have been chosen for a feature article in the Upcoming August/September issue of

I am over the moon!

It is my first time to be in a national magazine.

Dear Deb over at
approached me a few weeks ago about it.

We've been busy doing photo shoots for them....
we aren't professional photographers....
so that all can kind of get interesting.

But last week, finally the pics we sent were a go.

Mary Jane's Farm Magazine is one I was buying when it first came out years ago.
I can remember taking the first issue over to my girlfriend Nancy's house and showing it to her.
We both lived on 2 1/2 acres each just outside of Las Vegas on our own hobby farms.

We both milked our goats,
made cheese,
slaved over our organic gardens,
fed our chicks
gathered their eggs. 
and even had Quilt Night once a week!

Where did the good 'ole days go?

Ken and I are hoping to get back to a hobby farm
within the next 5 years.
We just haven't figured out how to make it happen
with being on the road and all.

Oh how I miss,
sitting out on the porch as the sun rose over the mountains,
sipping on a steaming cup of mocha,
the Guitar Man would bring me,
quiet time with the Lord.

And then on out to the garden ...
all before a day's work was to begin.

I can't thank you enough Deb for thinking of me!

Please check out her site my dear readers.
She is quite an inspiration to behold!

And thank you again my sweet friend!

Love over the wires....


  1. Congratulations, John'a Lee! That's big news!!

    I still say you ought to check out the house back behind me - it's on the market again!!

  2. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. I'll have to get an autographed copy when it comes out.

  3. Congratulations Jon a Lee - that is sooooo exciting for you :)

  4. Very cool, John'aLee! No one more deserving!

  5. Congratulations.....this is well-deserved!!

  6. That is awesome!!!! Congrats!! sounds like it was alot of fun doing this as well.

  7. Hi there girly! We are honored to have you in the August/September issue as yet another Girl Genius Feature! We are excited about this new feature in the magazine and hope all of our readers will be inspired by the talented farmgirls we feature! Thanks so much for sticking with us on the photo shoots! I know your article will be beautiful and I can't wait to share your inspiring story!
    Sending love sister!

  8. Congrats pinkalicious kinda proud of you

  9. Congrats. That is very exciting!

  10. Great! I have loved Mary Jane's magazine too! You go girl!

  11. I can't wait to see it - what marvelous news!!!!

  12. Wow that's great. It's going to be amazing seeing yourself in a magazine you've read for so long.
    Teresa x